Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ef74d6d1ac1e 6938026 C2 compiler fails in Node::rematerialize()const
9f5b60a14736 6939930 exception unwind changes in 6919934 hurts compilation speed
f9271ff9d324 6941224 Improved stack overflow handling for Zero
a9584793da0f 6944028 6940701 broke Zero
aa9c266de52a 6944473 6941224 misses new files
c544d979f886 6944503 Improved Zero crash dump
bc32f286fae0 6945219 minor SA fixes
0bfd3fb24150 6858496 Clear all SoftReferences before an out-of-memory due to GC overhead limit.
7666957bc44d 6937142 G1: improvements to debugging output (S-M)
5dbd9300cf9c 6943926 G1: Integer overflow during heap region verification
f9ec1e4bbb44 6939027 G1: assertion failure during the concurrent phase of cleanup
79e419e5ea3b 6942253 G1: replace G1ParallelGCAllocBufferSize with YoungPLABSize and OldPLABSize
bdb5361c461c 6897143 Stress test crashes during HeapInspection using ParallelGC.
1316cec51b4d 6819061 G1: eliminate serial Other times that are proportional to the collection set length
6871109 G1: remove the concept of the scan only prefix
d7f654633cfe 6946040 add intrinsic for short and char reverseBytes
b4776199210f 6943485 JVMTI always on capabilities change code generation too much
314e17ca2c23 6946892 c1 shouldn't sign-extend to upper 32bits on x64
310cdbc35535 6948636 Bump the HS18 build number to 04