Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
888a846a860a 6955873 CORBA resources bundles and javax.activity missing from b94
2657ee0d2d14 6958257 Add support for alpha
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ee157d437aa8 6954424 Support OpenType/CFF fonts in JDK 7
5294c7067018 6307603 [X11] Use RENDER extension for complex operations done in software
3b909e2e2131 6938481 4906607 is not fixed for NIMBUS L&F
57d7b80faad8 6953294 Fix for 6909002 was incorrectly merged
a71c27e3ec4a 6479191 LTP: XMLEncoder does not update initialized property of GridBagConstraints type
bbd5a5a4e64f 6910490 MatteBorder JScrollpane interaction
3a19541d8119 6953396 javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicViewportUI.uninstallDefaults() is not called when UI is uninstalled
3de717f6ddab 6786238 api/javax_swing/DefaultDesktopManager/descriptions.html#xxxFrame Fails with NPE since 6u12 b02
1297a41dbb47 6937798 Nimbus: Issues with JTable grid
8d59b361635f 6768387 REGRESSION: JTable no longer serializable
d540eeccf73a 6884066 JTableHeader listens mouse in disabled state and doesn't work when not attached to a table
fc1ac6ea933c 6632959 swing html parser doesn't know € or ›
e821a3568b0a 6925473 REGRESSION: JOptionPane in dialog is full-screen height
824b0f8b68f6 6929507 Build error on file swing.plaf.synth.SynthUI
e2b1bab101d2 6954231 SynthTextPaneUI.installUI() doesn't set component to opaque even if prop was not set by client progr
9b247a6290a4 6889007 No resize cursor during hovering mouse over JTable
82524b068f77 6670274 Incorrect tab titles for JTabbedPane if using HTML (BasicTabbedPanelUI problem)
05c9ff89bcdc 6951661 Eliminate jvmstat dependency on
2d54e4cae441 6943915 Adjust jdk/test/Makefile to deal with .dll and .so libraries needing execute permissions
f6b72c9023f4 6951887 Wrong redirection useage in test sun/nio/cs/
aa1b15bdbf2b 6951064 Typo in javadoc for ZipException ctors
e85e03ef61c1 6952330 Fix for 6933217 broke contract of StringBuffer.ensureCapacity
ac74c3b96e49 6952701 Use for rfc references in jdk public APIs
2fb3d7dbaa32 4263582 RFE: GZIPInputStream throws IOException on non-gzipped data
91bcd8fc04f2 4465490 Suspicious about double-check locking idiom being used in the code
43f83a2cf5b5 4813885 RFE: GZIPOutputStream should implement flush using Z_SYNC_FLUSH
1e0c3e864fb1 4853493 GZIPOutputStream passes a reference to a private array into an untrusted method
b3466e2c3819 6951599 Rename package of security tools for modularization
33409b9b0f49 6945564 Unicode script support in Character class
6948903 Make Unicode scripts available for use in regular expressions
70e25a57fd02 6954064 Fix the windows arch settings in the makefiles and chmod logic in test/Makefile
67ea299d5501 6773270 fails to escape \u0000
d01726854317 6948803 CertPath validation regression caused by SHA1 replacement root and MD2 disable feature
c36617d0dae7 6954621 small error in 6948909
ff9cc9789bb3 6882687 KerberosTime too imprecise
625c75559b0d 6948781 CertificateFactory.generateCertificate doesn't throw CertificateException for malformed certificate
ba95fd03440b 6932525 Incorrect encryption types of KDC_REQ_BODY of AS-REQ with pre-authentication
41a5722e6e10 4691425 GZIPInputStream fails to read concatenated .gz files
6df25b528926 4690407 JAR tool: option -i can't be combined with other options
2306564dea3a 6948287 KDC test strange knvo
dfa98add4ad0 6934615 Relative classpaths in jarfile manifests are handled inefficiently by rmic
d5939d20b762 6955783 ServiceUnavailableException caught even the secondary DNS is available
0454cb04a407 6956840 (ch) Rawtype warning when compiling
f3189453d134 6950931 test fails on windows sun/security/tools/jarsigner/
962608ee8cdb 6888130 SwingSet2: Demo is not launching and throwing NPE.
fb56f86642d6 6958257 Add support for alpha
be0d055db574 6959116 Fix regression in make/ (PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER)
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ebf09be0222c 6952188 update timeout for langtools jtreg tests on JPRT
e9ef849ae0ed 6880344 Recursive type parameters do not compile
2881b376a689 6946618 sqe test fails: javac/generics/NewOnTypeParm in pit jdk7 b91 in all platforms.
eb849389ae2c 6948381 javac Null Pointer Exception in Types.makeCompoundType
1d587ef8bf56 6951833 latest diamond implementation generates spurious raw type warnings
e9d66d392a8d 6954901 langtools/test/Makefile should check for bin/javac(.exe) instead of lib/tools.jar