Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
831f1dadcc35 7057705 can't generate api docs for JDK7 updates
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
f01230bea4aa 7043737 klist does not detect non-existing keytab
9847e43556fb 7029903 Splash screen is not shown in 64-bit Linux with 16-bit color depth
175f98d43a12 7062969 java -help still shows
440d5a3cfdf8 7067922 (launcher) java -jar throws NPE if JAR file does not contain Main-Class attribute
a5ea1f537169 7039182 PPC: NIO: Invalid argument in
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ceb7ca04b7eb 7060926 Attr.PostAttrAnalyzer misses a case
2f2ac80b6836 7061125 Proposed javac argument processing performance improvement
130154dbafc8 7068902 (javac) allow enabling or disabling of String folding
8b6f8a4bc8b8 7060642 (javadoc) improve performance on accessing inlinedTags
fda5571c663a 6735320 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for empty @serialField tag
add40922e84d 7059905 (javadoc) promote method visibility for netbeans usage