Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
ff53346271fe 6814390 G1: remove the concept of non-generational G1
ae73da50be4b 7081064 G1: remove develop params G1FixedSurvivorSpaceSize, G1FixedTenuringThreshold, and G1FixedEdenSize
7f776886a215 6810861 G1: support -XX:+{PrintClassHistogram,HeapDump}{Before,After}FullGC
2f27ed2a98fa 7082220 Visual Studio projects broken after change 7016797: Hotspot: securely/restrictive load dlls and new
ff9ab6327924 7076831 TEST_BUG: compiler/5091921/ fails on LOW MEM SYSTEMS
a594deb1d6dc 7081926 assert(VM_Version::supports_sse2()) failed: must support
1520340a7f35 7083916 Bump the hs22 build number to 03
ce9bde819dcb 7086589 bump the hs22 build number to 04
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a15d2672aad0 7071609 javax/swing/JPopupMenu/6694823/ failed on solaris10
d2fbe93b6361 7071166 LayoutStyle.getPreferredGap() - IAE is expected but not thrown
0dcb939eff08 7043847 NTML impl of SaslServer throws UnsupportedOperationException from (un)wrap method
7043860 NTML impl of SaslServer doesn't throw ISE from getAuthorizationID() method
7043882 NTML impl of SaslServer doesn't throw ISE from getNegotiatedProperty() method
7043938 NTML impl of SaslClientFactory throws NPE instead of SaslException
7043959 NTML impl of SaslClientFactory throws NPE for null CallBackHandler instance
17110b287f27 7066203 Update currency data to the latest ISO 4217 standard
611bcd930ed1 7080038 (ann) Serializable types in sun.reflect.annotation do not declare serialVersionUIDs
be4a3afb7438 7066490 @since 1.7 tag is missing for
44141ce2c9ea 7072645 Toolkit.addPropertyChangeListener(name, pcl) throws NPE for null name
55cd74a4d575 7068328 BufferPoolMXBean and PlatformLoggingMXBean getObjectName may return null
eabbc04b83bc 7077769 (zipfs) ZipFileSystem.writeCEN() writes wrong "data size" for ZIP64 extended information extra field
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
5b682f7c980e 7074189 some javac tests fail with latest jtreg 4.1 b03
e296280b4e77 7062745 Regression: difference in overload resolution when two methods are maximally specific
2de6d1e52742 7046778 Project Coin: problem with diamond and member inner classes
8c9f07f9aa28 7057297 Project Coin: diamond erroneously accepts in array initializer expressions