Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
3cc7ee9d8bf4 8031061 new hotspot build - hs24.60-b07
a3cb61e9abbc 8017498 JVM crashes when native code calls sigaction(sig) where sig>=0x20
90cc2265078e 8020791 [TESTBUG] runtime/jsig/ failed to compile native code
3ff8394ad1fa 8021296 [TESTBUG] fails to find "gcc" and fails to compile on some Linux releases
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
48b6bddcd0bf 8014394 (fs) WatchService failing when watching \\server\$d
a774c34382cc 8024788 (fs) Files.readAllBytes uses FileChannel which may not be supported by all providers
4e1095e23665 7074436 (sc) SocketChannel can do short gathering writes when channel configured blocking (win)
a1f5b443727c 8022698 javax/script/ fails since 7u45 b04 with -agentvm option
1331fa69ef12 6571600 JNI use results in UnsatisfiedLinkError looking for
aaa6b578707e 8019853 Break logging and AWT circular dependency
17cf9917fdc8 8026404 Logging in Applet can trigger ACE: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThreadGroup")
628c6d46263b 8009222 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: not invocable, no method type when attempting to get getter method handle for a static field