Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
4a32c51458b9 7159842 new hotspot build - hs24-b08
19e197e2a1af 7158988 jvm crashes while debugging on x86_32 and x86_64
10c12fb36ed2 7133111 libsaproc debug print should be printed as unsigned long to fit large numbers on 64bit platform
49036505ab5f 7154670 The instanceKlass _implementors[] and _nof_implementors are not needed for non-interface klass.
df4cd4aac5c1 7160924 jvmti: GetPhase returns incorrect phase before VMInit event is issued
27dab8a7c762 7160467 Fix test for 7158988
0105f367a14c 7160570 Intrinsification support for tracing framework
5c86f8211d1e 7160728 Introduce an extra logging level for G1 logging
b632e80fc9dc 4988100 oop_verify_old_oop appears to be dead
dde53abda3d6 7160613 VerifyRememberedSets doesn't work with CompressedOops
720b6a76dd9d 7157073 G1: type change size_t -> uint for region counts / indexes
f7a8920427a6 7145441 G1: collection set chooser-related cleanup
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
7b89fed7212b 7160496 Rename JDK8 JAXP source directory
ceae213d9812 7160380 Sync JDK8 with JAXP 1.4.5
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
da54364b140c 7104147 the fix for cr6887286 was not appropriate for backporting
604067ec3ced 7152519 Dependency on non-POSIX header file causes portability problem
6f9e3ac30764 7154822 forward port fix for Bug 13645891 to JDK8 jcmd (1024 byte file size limit issue)
9383a3749940 7159041 Fix for 7152519 causing build breakage.
a8773780c583 7159136 JDK 7 font manager refactoring left JNI header generation and inclusion out of sync
79612a7c7100 7150134 JCK api/java_awt/Graphics/index.html#DrawLine fails with OOM for jdk8 with XRender pipeline
933ea89bec06 7150105 [macosx] four scroll-buttons don't display. scroll-sliders cursors are TextCursor.
14646df8f386 7124401 [macosx] After call Frame dispose() application continues to work
c87bdacb109e 7149913 [macosx] Deadlock in LWTextComponentPeer
004d53e61c3b 7124528 [macosx] Selection is not cleared properly in text component.
dc0d4cf71dfb 7125657 [macosx] SpreadSheet demo has the broken display when clicking outside of the table.
32d2d5c8c8b9 7147435 closed/java/awt/Toolkit/Headless/WrappedToolkitTest/ failed since 7u4b11
845604a88291 7124553 [macosx] Need minimum size for titled Frames and JFrames
2e1ea0af8edf 7148275 [macosx] setIconImages() not working correctly (distorted icon when minimized)
86b611e57ee9 7146146 Deadlock between subclass of AbstractDocument and UndoManager
8fe9b93e2474 7158712 Synth Property "ComboBox.popupInsets" is ignored
33c604bf074f 7097771 setEnabled does not work for components in disabled containers.
49d2a5eb48b1 7124411 [macosx] There's no KEY_TYPED for VK_ESCAPE
9b4e642a3053 7160653 test/javax/swing/plaf/synth/7158712/ failed on Ubuntu
cccb19a3038e 7124272 [macosx] VK_DELETE does produce an extraneous character in a TextArea or TextField
602398b3a8e7 7149090 Nimbus:BorderFactory.createTitledBorder() the DEFAULT position of a title is not the same as the TOP
7b0ed75abef4 7080700 numAppContexts is accessed in non-threadsafe way in sun.awt.AppContext
236c0051dcc7 7058852 javax/sound/sampled/FileWriter/ failing intermittently
bc5d80e168f3 7100140 [macosx] Test closed/javax/sound/sampled/DirectAudio/ is invalid
cb4f5f486c45 7161109 [macosx] JCK AWT interactive test DnDTextDropTest fails on MacOS
68be50577be8 7156194 [macosx] Can't type non-ASCII characters into applets
8bfdb214756c 7124286 [macosx] Option modifier should work like AltGr as in Apple jdk
19c6ad447258 7159130 add java/rmi/transport/pinClientSocketFactory to problem list
92de69b24416 7133806 Typo in Files.newByteChannel javadoc
e06ea0dd9207 7121314 Behavior mismatch between AbstractCollection.toArray(T[] ) and its spec
1ffe2565ec06 7158329 NPE in
fb52e8bd3718 7154809 JDI: update JDI/JDB debugee commandline option parsing
eec133f2406a 7158930 (ann) library support for repeating annotations is not built when compiling the JDK
d922195b678d 7071907 JDK: Full Debug Symbols
10480cf00dcd 7157903 JSSE client sockets are very slow
c98a013ec628 6610897 New constructor in builds a path using File.separator instead of File.pathSeparator
642c6d4aaaed 7156873 (zipfs) FileSystems.newFileSystem(uri, env) fails for uri with escaped octets
587243bf0862 7152690 Initialization error with charset SJIS_0213 when security manager is enabled
e65a1756d825 7067045 replaceAll("\u20ac", "$"); causses java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptio
70d82f2a6c11 7160895 tools/launcher/ attempts to launch .debuginfo
fa26ac92b29e 7152564 Improve CodeSource.matchLocation(CodeSource) performance
7155693 CodeSource.matchLocation getPort test can be improved
7340f4a3c830 7152169 TEST_BUG: sun/security/tools/jarsigner/ occasionally fail due to keytool error on sparc
92c6d920efe0 7161282 Move test/sun/tools/classpath/ to a more appropriate location
c0f34986d1c5 7143744 (se) Stabilize KQueue SelectorProvider and make default on MacOSX
d09775066f8a 7015981 returns false if domain doesn't start with a dot
b700f85a8f29 7118373 (se) Potential leak file descriptor when deregistrating at around the same time as an async close
9c1d7507ca37 7116200 (cs) test/java/nio/charset/coders/ fails with "Address already in use"
869f53f58692 7147848 uses hardcoded dummy values [macosx]
cce6147632cf 7159320 change default ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES back to '1' after fix for 7133529 is available
6cf68360cfaf 7160380 Sync JDK8 with JAXP 1.4.5
31c15e2f51ba 7152856 TEST_BUG: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/ failing on Windows
1757f049e8c0 7157893 Warnings Cleanup in java.util.*
9de97594f062 7162043 Add headless mode tests to problem list [macosx]
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
55ae94116e89 7157626 Create a new test to check major version for a class file
9c429f38ca7e 7156633 (javac) incorrect errors when parsing variable declaration in block statements.
6f0ed5a89c25 7154127 Inference cleanup: remove bound check analysis from visitors in