Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
0562a97bd601 6880559 Enable PKCS11 64-bit windows builds
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
6e444b892c99 7183760 DocumentBuilder.parse(String uri) is not IPv6 enabled
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
a18a547546a4 7183458 Metrics of space character in algorithmically emboldened font have changed in JDK 7.
ab0b2720a756 7183251 Netbeans editor renders text wrong on JDK 7u6 build 17
f1a90ee31b38 7124244 [macosx] Shaped windows support
80c592c9458e 7124513 [macosx] Support NSTexturedBackgroundWindowMask/different titlebar styles to create unified toolbar
911195d40b89 7177173 [macosx] JFrame.setExtendedState(JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH) not working as expected in JDK 7
4d750ca79fb7 7022041 TitleBorder Null Pointer Exception
4624486823a7 7181438 [OGL] Incorrect alpha used, during blit from SW to the texture.
c277657e5e10 7170657 [macosx] There seems to be no keyboard/mouse action to select non-contiguous items in List
08842f8ce960 7177040 Deadlock between PostEventQueue.noEvents, EventQueue.isDispatchThread and SwingUtilities.invokeLater
8a90db6c4d77 7182902 [macosx] Test api/java_awt/GraphicsDevice/indexTGF.html#SetDisplayMode fails on Mac OS X 10.7
97eb7a4b1fdd 6948101 java/rmi/transport/pinLastArguments/ failing intermittently
4ad204cc7433 7123972 test/java/lang/annotation/loaderLeak/ fails intermittently
15a6b0bceb1e 7181353 Update error message to distinguish native OOM and java OOM in net
516e0c884af2 7179305 (fs) Method name sun.nio.fs.UnixPath.getPathForExecptionMessage is misspelled
79b63e8eceda 6966259 Make PrincipalName and Realm immutable
e9461aeff91f 7160252 (prefs) NodeAddedEvent was not delivered when new node add when new Node
9e5150e8bcf5 7184145 (pack200) pack200 --repack throws NullPointerException when JAR file specified without path
5cee646eaaa7 6880559 Enable PKCS11 64-bit windows builds
1469be7182b4 7177045 Rework the regression test, it is too fragile to low memory errors.
e2d265c9b592 7183203 tests intermittent failure
2a39c98c1241 7102106 TEST_BUG: sun/security/util/Oid/ should be modified
b6f78869c66d 7142596 RMI JPRT tests are failing
c76ad79a5a2f 7183053 Optimize DoubleByte charset for String.getBytes()/new String(byte[])
89129c0737f1 7184943 fix failing test com/sun/jndi/rmi/registry/RegistryContext/
7184946 fix failing test com/sun/jndi/rmi/registry/RegistryContext/
7bd32bfc0539 7183292 HttpURLConnection.getHeaderFields() throws IllegalArgumentException: Illegal cookie name
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
934a89402f85 7181578 javac reports uninitialized variable with nested try...finally blocks