Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
98a7af257bee 8003819 build-infra: backslashes at end of LIB and INCLUDE in spec.gmk
754f91d22e1c 8001541 Cannot build on Solaris using softlinks
ec187d02c95e 8004281 build-infra: Move all jar creation to images target and put jars in images/lib
bd32ef0789ca 8003414 build-infra: fails on on windows
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
e1d42ba865de 8003541 new hotspot build - hs25-b11
49cbd3e25ba9 8003487 NMT: incorrect assertion in VMMemPointerIterator::remove_released_region method (memSnapshot.cpp)
73e64867adb7 8003690 Example code in JVMTI GetStackTrace documentation is broken
6b881a6b0665 8003591 Abstract_VM_Version::internal_vm_info_string needs to stringify FLOAT_ARCH for ease of use
7c15faa95ce7 8003879 Duplicate definitions in vmStructs
bbc14465e7db 8003689 MemTracker::init_tracking_options() reads outside array if commandline argument is empty
fe81517cfb77 6924920 Class Data Sharing limit on the java version string can create failures
59c790074993 8003635 NPG: AsynchGetCallTrace broken by Method* virtual call
53715fb1597d 7198334 UseNUMA modifies system parameters on non-NUMA system
19c1bd641922 8003722 More gcc 4.7 compilation errors
d0aa87f04bd5 8003720 NPG: Method in interpreter stack frame can be deallocated
f34d701e952e 8003935 Simplify the needed includes for using Thread::current()
2fc0334f613a 7194633 G1: Assertion and guarantee failures in block offset table
b2dbd323c668 8003848 Make ConstMethod::generic_signature_index optional and move Method::_max_stack to ConstMethod.
90273fc0a981 8000662 NPG: nashorn ant clean test262 out-of-memory with Java heap
dad48145e775 8004199 Change the ASM package for Test8003720
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
b0f008ab45d7 8001885 JSR 292 classes should use
0fda013e4638 8004281 build-infra: Move all jar creation to images target and put jars in images/lib