Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
625ddb0052e1 8013800 new hotspot build - hs25-b32
c456f4510385 8008453 JvmtiClassFileReconstituter does not recognize default methods
0380df7c3cd0 8013785 Respect EXTRA_CFLAGS on windows
31a4e55f8c9d 8004095 Add support for JMX interface to Diagnostic Framework and Commands
bf089b838c9e 8012641 Perf_CreateLong creates perf counter of incorrect type
800078be49d2 8013648 Guarantee(VerifyBeforeGC || VerifyDuringGC || VerifyBeforeExit || VerifyAfterGC) failed: too expensive
c18152e0554e 8013120 NMT: Kitchensink crashes with assert(next_region == NULL || !next_region->is_committed_region()) failed: Sanity check
d9b08d62b95e 8010783 assert(s->refcount() != 0) failed: for create_overpasses
187154b7a226 8009615 JvmtiClassFileReconstituter does not create BootstrapMethod attributes
b5fef8013a95 8014044 Spelling error in JDK-8009615: boostrapmethod
f6a055fcf47d 8005038 remove crufty '_g' support from SA
33bcd9ead1d5 8009577 Test test/closed/runtime/classunload broken
58bb870a0cbd 8009729 Refix hotspot jni_.h JNIEXPORT and JNIIMPORT definitions to match jdk version
e60b3fce2b02 8013067 Zero builds are broken after 8010862.
6b388e7d4905 8013633 Cleanup platform ifdefs in unsafe.cpp
1d0fba8a2a6d 8013574 PrintMalloc conflicts with the command line parsing
f14063dcd52a 8013791 G1: G1CollectorPolicy::initialize_flags() may set min_alignment > max_alignment
d17700c82d7d 8006088 Incompatible heap size flags accepted by VM
b0d20fa374b4 8013872 G1: HeapRegionSeq::shrink_by() has invalid assert
a9d568b7df60 8013032 CMS: assert(used() == used_after_gc && used_after_gc <= capacity()) failed: used: 0 used_after_gc: 292080 capacity: 1431699456
06ab37f08701 8013184 CMS: Call reset_after_compaction() only if a compaction has been done
194f52aa2f23 7176479 G1: JVM crashes on T5-8 system with 1.5 TB heap
Changeset Bug ID Synopsys
1f1699686504 8014289 JDK8 b89 source with GPL header errors