Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
009fc3f785a9 8042789 org.omg.CORBA.ORBSingletonClass loading no longer uses context class loader
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
168c10900e79 8046798 new hotspot build - hs25.20-b20
00c8a1255912 8033626 assert(ex_map->jvms()->same_calls_as(_exceptions->jvms())) failed: all collected exceptions must come from the same place
a07a3a29df67 8046408 Build failure from multiple ptrace.h
a45a4f5a9609 8044796 G1: Enable G1CollectedHeap::stop()
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
ce46e4af2b1d 8043129 JAF initialisation in SAAJ clashing with the one in javax.mail
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
70111067cb82 8017472 [macosx] Transparency demo is not correctly dragged on the second monitor
d5640a82ccd4 7195480 javax.smartcardio does not detect cards on Mac OS X
aa2e45454c2b 8043507 javax.smartcardio.CardTerminals.list() fails on MacOSX
b859ef8cf29f 8039319 (smartcardio) Card.transmitControlCommand() does not work on Mac OS X
31bf32b1d2ec 7047033 (smartcardio) Card.disconnect(boolean reset) does not reset when reset is true
5c5645171558 8025293 JNI exception pending checks in
7a56aaa09ab1 8036607 JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/java/net/DualStackPlainDatagramSocketImpl.c
e0e4fc612d03 8028617 Dvorak keyboard mapping not honored when ctrl key pressed
dd77d81f2911 8032788 ImageIcon constructor throws an NPE and hangs when passed a null String parameter
429210228042 8035930 Check jdk/src/windows/native/java/io/io_util_md.c for JNI pending exceptions
289d5c0e4bd7 8036134 Check src/windows/native/sun/nio/fs/WindowsNativeDispatcher.c for JNI pending exceptions
d8827fb970a9 8036601 JNI exception pending in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/net/dns/ResolverConfigurationImpl.c
f69390356dfa 8007563 When checking the default behaviour for a scroll tab layout and checking the 'opaque' checkbox, the area behind tabs is not red.
b887716c43b4 8012224 AWT_TopLevels/TopLevelEvents/Automated/WindowIconifyDeiconifyEventsTest02 fails on Ubuntu 12.04 Unity shell
ab026f1b2f28 8041896 Test closed/java/awt/Choice/RemoveAllShrinkTest/RemoveAllShrinkTest fails with java.awt.IllegalComponentStateException
f54dfd95979b 8043129 JAF initialisation in SAAJ clashing with the one in javax.mail
91975f822db8 8009883 REGRESSION: test/closed/javax/swing/AbstractButton/4246045/ fails
f218d0fa2130 8019180 Use JComboBox as it's own ActionListener leads to unexpected behaviour
25c04f951506 6788138 leak in Java_sun_awt_X11_XlibWrapper_getStringBytes?
c95a7286165a 8030100 java.awt.Desktop: Enable check for supported URI schemes on Linux
63963cbbd55f 8031471 Test closed/java/awt/dnd/FileDialogDropTargetTest/ fails on Solaris zones virtual hosts
a88e0ce6dda1 8042857 14 stuck threads waiting for notification on LDAPRequest
7b79f729f29e 8041451 com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection:ReadTimeout should abandon ldap request
ddecc075b759 8033571 [parfait] warning from b128 for security/smartcardio/pcsc_md.c: JNI exception pending
667e90861cb7 8030114 [parfait] warnings from b119 for JNI exception pending
59609f9c37b0 8039118 Windows build failure (j2pcsc.dll : fatal error unresolved external symbol throwByName)
15ccd10559f3 8043720 (smartcardio) Native memory should be handled more accurately
07d4893a4a54 8043495 Add native FileChannelImpl.transferTo0() implementation for AIX
dc03eee507f3 8042465 Applet menus not rendering when browser is full screen on Mac
b119763a5eb8 8005873 JRuby test_respond_to.rb asserts with: MT-unsafe modification of inline cache
e443dab8be6b 8040058 IsoFields.WEEK_BASED_YEAR adjustInto incorrect and WeekFields.weekOfWeekBasedYear().range incorrect
adbf50f5d6c2 8043705 Can't exit color chooser dialog when running as an applet
8282bb42fc96 8044206 LambdaMetafactory.altMetafactory javadoc refers to wrong method
d66209341404 8032901 WaitForMultipleObjects() return value not handled appropriately
96c91cd2458c 8044725 Bug in zlib 1.2.5 prevents inflation of some gzipped files
ab28f3f1e485 8044727 Problem reading the contents of some zip files
2aa925ce9852 8036709 Java 7 jarsigner displays warning about cert policy tree
44fbfc8d3ee1 8039132 cleanup @ignore JAAS/krb5 tests
923bb828df52 8036779 interprets kdc_timeout as msec instead of sec
50cd9dc80bdf 8044766 New classes have @since 1.9 tags in 8u20
fddefacef3e0 8044590 Broken links in
3d70a1ead250 8042009 Generate nroff for Java tools documentation for 8u20 release
bc071e19ab39 8044747 [TESTBUG] Test sun/security/tools/policytool/ fails after clicking 'Done' button in test frame
83e7a5033bd8 8043954 AIX: Add async connect() support to NET_Connect()
3620fd5fcc4c 8032400 JSR292: invokeSpecial: InternalError attempting to lookup a method
31fbf5e82d7f 8039916 AnnotatedType.getType() of a Executable parameters may return wrong type
f6728f9bc725 8033627 UTC+02:00 time zones are not detected correctly on Windows
0e282718e324 8044046 [asm] refresh internal ASM version to v5.0.3
be862163bb8d 8046588 test for SO_FLOW_SLA availability does not check for EACCESS
56e6500fd5a0 8037343 Wrong dateformat for locale es_DO
5d30396344f5 8046085 inserting null key into HashMap treebin fails.
f48a12d2d32f 8040113 File not initialized in src/share/native/sun/awt/giflib/dgif_lib.c
f3841ee10a08 8041129 [OGL] surface->sw blit is extremely slow
8017626 [OGL] Translucent VolatileImages don't paint correctly
3653b5c59f0b 8046245 JDK 9 client build failure on Solaris
4f553621bcb4 8041644 [OGL] clip is ignored during surface->sw blit
062de21fd23b 8042103 Deserialization of empty java.awt.geom.Path2D will cause an exception
7c50b9026951 8040271 Uninitialised memory in jdk/src/windows/native/sun/windows: awt_List.cpp, awt_InputMethod.cpp
1270cec9be32 8033786 White flashing when opening Dialogs and Menus using Nimbus with dark background
c1813b921487 8033233 [JLightweightFrame] support default JViewport BLIT_SCROLL_MODE
73d1ecb10dc1 8029455 [JLightweightFrame] support scaled painting
64b741b87644 8046903 VM anonymous class members can't be statically invocable
1a5edec7c521 8029674 (reflect) getMethods returns default methods that are not members of the class
402c7687ed6c 8044038 Security tests fail on 32 bit linux platform
ced431499178 8047085 PKCS11/NSS tests failing intermittently on Windows
55a1a2685194 8039212 needs to avoid NSS libnss3 and libsoftokn3 version mismatches
f06e3b67de31 8047061 [macosx] Crash when setting display mode
7737afaf2228 8047187 Test jdk/net/Sockets/ fails to compile after fix JDK-8046588
3bb6a16b2690 8046024 JDI shared memory transport failed with "Observed abandoned IP mutex"
dcbae149445f 8046416 Unable to parse an Instant from fields
1254832f3d5c 8046707 Performance of java.time could be better
00314b6e9d6b 8036603 Check jdk/src/windows/native/java/lang/ProcessEnvironment_md.c for JNI pending exceptions
74014d58b791 8035340 (prefs) Check jdk/src/windows/native/java/util/WindowsPreference.c for JNI pending exceptions
7a3d9b221f8a 8035870 Check jdk/src/windows/native/java/io/WinNTFileSystem_md.c for JNI pending exceptions
7a49291d7ac7 8036600 JNI exception pending in src/jdk/src/windows/native/sun/net/www/protocol/http/ntlm/NTLMAuthSequence.c
f12dc751420f 8036609 Check jdk/src/windows/native/java/lang/ProcessImpl_md.c for JNI pending exceptions
9c096a2401fa 8047777 (process) ProcessEnvironment_md.c not compiling on 8uX
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
372fd7283bf0 8037937 javac: AssertionError during LVT generation, wrong variable ranges
8a5512cb5e9d 8037934 Javac generates invalid signatures for local types
716f2466ddd0 8042741 Java 8 compiler throws NullPointerException depending location in source file
7e0ba7b086c8 8042785 javac, bridge methods are not getting the flags from the original method
e64bb2f5f0cf 8031967 For some sources compiler compiles for ever
71767cdf52a7 8044487 Fix for 8042785 causes regression tests to fail with java.lang.VerifyError
bf8edbcae43a 8041713 Type inference of non-existent method references crashes the compiler
fe033d997ddf 8029800 uses String.toLowerCase without specifying Locale
17ce329d7bd0 8030726 tools/javac/ fails due to enforcement no use of String.toLowerCase on non-langtools classes
7ceaee0e497b 8043186 javac test langtools/tools/javac/util/ fails
63ef1e0410d1 8043725 javac fails with StackOverflowException
28e204e63063 8033287 Reduce the size of the endPosTable
16a698253f33 8037385 constant pool errors with -target 1.7 and static default methods
e6d1e9f29132 8015101 Covariance of return type implied by upper bounding on type parameter is ignored
1aeb322cf646 8046762 Revert some inference fixes in JDK-8033718
4ee06c77b51b 8042803 Types.wildLowerBound and cvarLowerBound should call unannotatedType()
7e97c65c373c 8027886 javac allows illegal receiver parameters
8029042 Receiver parameter not supported on local class constructor
76b61848c9a4 8038975 Access control in enhanced for
829f01e7f732 8043253 Slow javac compile times in JDK 8
a3ad6e2ede44 8046916 Type parameter annotations don't work with multiple type parameters
ce1d9dd2e9eb 8038182 javac crash with FunctionDescriptorLookupError for invalid functional interface
94ea21ecfe2d 8042759 Lambda returning implicitly-typed lambdas considered pertinent to applicability
f4381f9541e6 8047407 Add test for JDK-8037385
37c7dbe8efee 8034147 javac crashes with a NullPointerException during bounds checking
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
0005562330fa 8044612 StringIndexOutOfBoundException in NativeRegExp.appendReplacement
77f0308eb2e6 8044520 Nashorn cannot execute node.js's express module
85ad3ce0796f 8044750 megamorphic getter for scope objects does not call __noSuchProperty__ hook
f557ba467d1d 8044695 __stack__ becomes visible in Error properties
e645f15e1c1d 8044798 API for debugging Nashorn
ba5b790ed0f5 8044517 Run & debug single Nashorn test
3f7d86480ce5 8044415 ant makefile should have a target to generate javadoc only for jdk.nashorn.api and sub-packages