Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
173f9910da57 8081436 new hotspot build - hs25.60-b19
a1642365d69f 8075798 Allow ADLC register class to depend on runtime conditions also for cisc-spillable classes
e8260b6328fb 8068945 Use RBP register as proper frame pointer in JIT compiled code on x86
62df92c92d33 8080281 8068945 changes break building the zero JVM variant
42c0a8631742 8081475 SystemTap does not work when JDK is compiled with GCC 5
8c3941f2020c 8051712 regression Test7107135 crashes
55d07ec5bde4 8036851 volatile double accesses are not explicitly atomic in C2
c1c199dde5c9 8077504 Unsafe load can loose control dependency and cause crash
afc7b3416dc6 8081693 metaspace/shrink_grow/CompressedClassSpaceSize fails with OOM: Compressed class space