JDK 8 Update Releases Early Access Build Test Results

JDK 8 Update Releases Early Access Build will be tested on Oracle Linux 6. The results of running the open regression tests on that build, and the previous build, will be posted on this page.

Please note:
Test results for the latest build will be posted, usually within two to three days, after the EA build has become available.


Please use email if you have suggestions or encounter issues with viewing the test results. If you find bugs in a release, please submit them using the usual Java SE bug reporting channels.


How to run the tests?


jdk8u152-b01    Passed    Failed*    Not Run**    Error    Summary   
jdk 5085 16 880 1 5982
hotspot 658 43 17 4 722
langtools 3109 0 0 4 3113
1) * Known Issues
2) ** Results do not includes test results for awt, swing and 2d.

Created on: Tue Feb 14 09:28:38 GMT 2017