Uses of Interface

Packages that use ResultAccessor
com.sun.labs.minion Provides the API for interacting with the Minion Search Engine. 
com.sun.labs.minion.retrieval Provides the query evaluation capabilities for Minion. 
com.sun.labs.minion.test Provides test classes and utilities for indexing and querying. 

Uses of ResultAccessor in com.sun.labs.minion

Methods in com.sun.labs.minion with parameters of type ResultAccessor
 boolean CompositeResultsFilter.filter(ResultAccessor ra)
 boolean ResultsFilter.filter(ResultAccessor ra)
          Runs the filter against the result currently under consideration.
 float ScoreModifier.modifyScore(float score, ResultAccessor ra)
          Modifies the provided score, possibly taking into account the data about the current document using the provided result accessor.

Uses of ResultAccessor in com.sun.labs.minion.retrieval

Classes in com.sun.labs.minion.retrieval that implement ResultAccessor
 class ArrayGroup.DocIterator
          A class that provides an iterator for the documents in this group.
protected  class NegativeGroup.NegativeDocIterator
          A class containing an iterator for the documents in this group.
 class ResultImpl
 class ScoredGroup.ScoredDocIterator
          A class for an iterator for this set.

Uses of ResultAccessor in com.sun.labs.minion.test

Methods in com.sun.labs.minion.test with parameters of type ResultAccessor
 boolean CrossIndexDV.ArtistFilter.filter(ResultAccessor ra)