Package com.sun.labs.minion.indexer.dictionary

Provides the classes that implement the dictionaries used by the indexer and the retrieval engine.


Interface Summary
Dictionary An interface for dictionaries.
DictionaryIterator An interface for iterators for a dictionary.
LightIterator An interface for a lightweight iterator for a dictionary.
NameDecoder An interface for decoding the names of entries stored in dictionaries.
NameEncoder An interface for encoding the names of entries in a dictionary.
SavedField An interface that can be implemented by various saved field types.
TermStatsDictionary An interface for term statistics dictionaries, so that we can configure different kinds of dictionaries for different situations.

Class Summary
ArrayDictionaryIterator A dictionary iterator for an array of terms.
BasicField A class to hold the data for a saved field during indexing.
DictionaryHeader A class that contains the header information for a dictionary.
DictionaryWriter A class that will write a dictionary to a file.
DiskDictionary A base class for all classes that implement dictionaries for use during querying.
DiskFieldStore A field store that can be used for querying operations.
FeatureVector A class that can be used to save feature vectors in an index.
FieldStore A common base class for MemoryFieldStore and DiskFieldStore.
LongNameEntryMapper An implementation of EntryMapper that is used to remap the names of the entries in the document-ID-to-field-values dictionary in the field store.
MemoryDictionary A dictionary that will be used during indexing.
MemoryFieldStore A field store to be used during indexing.
QueryTimerTask A class to time dictionary lookup operations.
TermStatsFactory A configurable factory for term stats dictionaries.

Enum Summary
MemoryDictionary.IDMap An enumeration of the kinds of ID maps that may have to be built when dumping a dictionary.
MemoryDictionary.Renumber An enumeration of the kinds of renumbering that may need to be done when dumping a dictionary to disk.

Package com.sun.labs.minion.indexer.dictionary Description

Provides the classes that implement the dictionaries used by the indexer and the retrieval engine.