Class LiteMorph_en

  extended by com.sun.labs.minion.lexmorph.LiteMorph
      extended by com.sun.labs.minion.lexmorph.LiteMorph_en
All Implemented Interfaces:
KnowledgeSource, com.sun.labs.util.props.Component, com.sun.labs.util.props.Configurable

public class LiteMorph_en
extends LiteMorph

This is the English version of LiteMorph These morphological rules generate basic variations in word form such as singular, plural, past tense, past and present participles, various forms of irregular verbs (e.g., "break," "broke," "broken"), and they deal with stem ending effects such as silent e's and doubling of final consonants (e.g., "dig," "digs," "digging"). The rules presented here, together with a table of exceptions, provided at the end, deal with a wide range of such effects.

These rules generate regular morphological variants of words using the suffixes s, er, ers, est, ed, ing, ly, ful, less, ness, and ment. Rules are included for dealing with some words ending in -ize, -ise, -ic and -ical, and for some words requiring irregular forms, such as -leaf and -man compounds (flyleaf, footman), and Latin words ending in -um and -a, such as datum. The rules are supplemented by a list of exceptions for words that do not inflect regularly. They are not intended to apply to function words or to proper names. When expanding queries, you may not want to apply them to capitalized words or to hyphenated words like day-to-day and low-level.

The original rules were developed by W. A. Woods and Ellen Hays in 1992, and were modified subsequently by W. A. Woods.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.sun.labs.minion.lexmorph.LiteMorph
authorFlag, debugFlag, exceptions, localizedMorph, logfile, logTag, maxDepth, rulesTable, traceFlag
Method Summary
static LiteMorph getMorph()
          Return the LiteMorph for this class
protected  void intialize()
          This is a locale specific intialization.
 void newProperties(com.sun.labs.util.props.PropertySheet ps)
Methods inherited from class com.sun.labs.minion.lexmorph.LiteMorph
charIsOneOf, checkDefinitions, computeMorph, computeMorphArgs, defRules, defVar, getLocalizedMorph, initialize, morphWord, search, setLocalizedMorph, uncompress, variantsOf
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Method Detail


public static LiteMorph getMorph()
Return the LiteMorph for this class


protected void intialize()
This is a locale specific intialization. Create the exceptions HashTable for the size needed. the call intialize(String []).

Specified by:
intialize in class LiteMorph


public void newProperties(com.sun.labs.util.props.PropertySheet ps)
                   throws com.sun.labs.util.props.PropertyException