Class Term

  extended by com.sun.labs.minion.query.Element
      extended by com.sun.labs.minion.query.Term

public class Term
extends Element

A class for a search term. Various modifiers can be applied to a term to affect how the term should be treated during the search.

Nested Class Summary
static class Term.Modifier
          The modifiers that affect which terms will be pulled from the index for the given query term.
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.sun.labs.minion.query.Element
fields, strict
Constructor Summary
Term(java.lang.String term)
Term(java.lang.String term, java.util.EnumSet<Term.Modifier> mods)
Method Summary
 void addModifier(Term.Modifier modifier)
 java.util.EnumSet<Term.Modifier> getModifiers()
 QueryElement getQueryElement()
          Transduces this query element into a "real" query element, one that can be evaluated by the search engine.
 java.lang.String getTerm()
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Constructor Detail


public Term(java.lang.String term)


public Term(java.lang.String term,
            java.util.EnumSet<Term.Modifier> mods)
Method Detail


public void addModifier(Term.Modifier modifier)


public java.lang.String getTerm()


public java.util.EnumSet<Term.Modifier> getModifiers()


public QueryElement getQueryElement()
Description copied from class: Element
Transduces this query element into a "real" query element, one that can be evaluated by the search engine.

Specified by:
getQueryElement in class Element
an evaluatable query element.