Package com.sun.labs.minion.test

Provides test classes and utilities for indexing and querying.


Class Summary
AllSim A main class that computes all of the similarities between documents that are the results of an initial query.
CrossIndexDV A class to do cross-index checking of document vector find similar scores.
DelDuringMerge A class to test deletions in partitions while those partitions are being merged.
Deleter A class that will delete a set of documents from a list of partitions.
FindSimilar Runs find similars in multiple threads.
HighFreq A main program that selects high frequency terms from an index.
LiteMorphTest This class can be used to test the rules and behavior of LiteMorph.
QueryRunner Class QueryRunner runs queries against a search engine.
Arguments to the main() method of QueryRunner specify how many instances of QueryRunner to create, the location of the file containing a search log, the size of the queue to be used by each runner, and the location of the index directory.
QueryTest QueryTest is a set of utility methods and a query interface to operate on an index.
RActive A main program that will read and display the partitions currently in the active file.
Recover A class that can be used to recover an index, removing partitions that are not in the active list and removing any remaining lock files.
SEMain A base class for all of our sample programs.
Shuffle Shuffles the lines in a file.
SimpleFindSimilar Runs find similars against a set of pre-defined keys.
WActive A main program that will write an active file.

Package com.sun.labs.minion.test Description

Provides test classes and utilities for indexing and querying.

This package contains a set of test utilities. Many of the classes in here are of limited use, but QueryTest allows for detailed inspection of an index, and IndexTest provides indexing code.

IndexTest can be used to index a list of documents into an index. A configuration file controls the attributes of the engine used. Files are read and indexed verbatim.

QueryTest allows for queries, in any supported grammar, to be issued against an index. Saved fields can be displayed as results. It also has a large number of commands that exercise different parts of the engine.