Changeset Bug IDSynopsis
7379e6f906ae 8202303 LogStream should autoflush on destruction
3b43e97b3697 8202575 Remove java/lang/String/nativeEncoding/ from ProblemList
93a7cbd3f838 8195002 Fix test/hotspot/jtreg/gtest/ on Alpine/Musl
99e698e94cc7 8201492 Properly implement non-contiguous generations for Reference discovery
befc76c55940 8201640 Use _ref_processor_* member variables directly in G1CollectedHeap
cac87c923310 8202018 Move card table clear before enqueuing pending references
672ded60a082 8202021 Improve variable naming in ReferenceProcesso
33a76b934213 8199067 [REDO] NMT: Enhance thread stack tracking
8624981f1ffa 8202447 Fix unloading_occurred to mean unloading_occurred
fc778e86381f 8202584 de-problem list tools/javac/jvm/VerboseOutTest
bafa1860c107 8202424 Metaspace: on chunk retirement, use correct lower limit on chunksize when adding blocks to free blocks list
37b2446d7f86 8202552 [AOT][JVMCI] Incorrect usage of INCLUDE_JVMCI and INCLUDE_AOT
e3653598e3b0 8201793 (ref) Reference object should not support cloning
b7be5758a838 8201138 Defect in XMLEventReader.getElementText() may cause data to be skipped, duplicated or otherwise result in a ClassCastException
2882764cc79c 8194968 problem list actions for tools/javac/jvm/VerboseOutTest
19829b375d08 8200083 Bump bootjdk requirement for JDK 11 to JDK 10
9f758f0bb058 8200557 OopStorage parallel iteration scales poorly
b70281f5146e 8196113 Remove the Compact Profile builds
57dd7b4ba338 8201572 Improve Metaspace Statistics
bd0a95bec96b 8187123 (reflect) Class#getCanonicalName and Class#getSimpleName is a part of performance issue
9042ffe5b7fe 8200729 Conditional compilation of GCs
41069c4fad29 8202582 DateTimeFormatterBuilder.parseOffsetBased unnecessarily calls toString()
aa3afd9bda87 8176717 GC log file handle leaked to child processes
44e581f54d08 8202181 Correctly specify size of hostname buffer in Unix Inet*AddressImpl_getLocalHostName implementations
29b840b16a96 8197447 LogCompilation throws "couldn't find bytecode"
e4b3cc56e2b2 8189916 Dynamic Constant support for Sparc
4ed714d1f90b 8201433 Fix potential crash in BufImg_SetupICM
ecc7b10a1cca 8181910 [macos] Support dark title bars on macOS
6cd19862c742 8153532 Add @throws NPE javadoc to UIManager.setLookAndFeel(String) method description
033f3118dc67 8201524 [AIX] Don't link libfontmanager against libawt_headless
6c572aff3648 8201626 Typo in MakeWindowAlwaysOnTop test
3d2aeea95d8c 8199932 Missing copyright header in AWT source code
0e9be7add10a 8201598 Fix for 8181910: Support dark title bars on macOS broke the MacOS build
6f595ec05539 6788458 PNGImageReader ignores tRNS chunk while reading non-indexed RGB/Gray images
39dc39093c5e 6574555 PNGImageWriter incorrectly sets bKGD chunk
9070717a16a1 8187392 Deprecated methods in the peers can be removed
a4a0d0ece022 8200313 java/awt/Gtk/GtkVersionTest/ fails
7985d51b85df 8202050 Add javax/sound/midi/Sequencer/ to the problemList
4fad1003357f 8200146 Remove the appletviewer launcher
e2d4ac45fe36 8202143 Parts of 8193435 added in merge change set.
b6f4bd0bf173 8199748 Touch keyboard is not shown, if text component gets focus from other text component
48637783b4f6 8189687 Swing: Invalid position of candidate pop-up of InputMethod in Hi-DPI on Windows
394a0387a3ab 8202301 Add tests related to JDK-8196572 to the ProblemList
70a63053cf68 8198342 Test is unstable
c87a5690e394 4842658 DefaultListModel and DefaultComboBoxModel should support addAll (Collection c)
9a36de1df5db 8154463 New failure of closed/java/awt/font/Outline/
3a384c83c756 8196572 Tests and fail
37aa8b00c604 8197388 Added not existing bug id in jdk/ProblemList.txt
d0a350777bd1 8202319 Fix compilation warnings in Solaris debug builds for DevStudio 12.6
947f79c91b35 8202465 [C1] casts should not be eliminated for interface types
88cc95780b6e 8199912 jshell tool: /open from URI
3ba0d8631f24 8199382 [TESTBUG] Open source VM testbase JDI tests
e2dc18484400 8202599 Mark intermittently failing jshell tests
9e82ca74f086 8202672 Build failed in metaspace.cpp with VS2017
b8308d6356e7 8202684 Minimal VM build is broken after JDK-8199067, JDK-8202638
653343de5e7a 8202435 [aix] print program break as part of memory info into hs-err file
bdb627563075 8202640 Small C1 cleanups for BarrierSetC1
7238cb613dc5 8202676 AArch64: Missing enter/leave around barrier leads to infinite loop
caf05d64138f 8200094 Turkish locale reports NPE No enum constant com.sun.source.doctree.DocTree.Kind.S?NCE
e81481fea884 8202565 C1 compilation crashes with "assert(is_double_stack() && !is_virtual()) failed: type check"
69aadf0c1e69 8202387 javac --release 11 not supported
28eaf7a99a8c 8202291 java/rmi/Naming/ failed with Connection refused
ea0a16ba6ac0 8202080 Introduce ordering semantics for Atomic::add and other RMW atomics
bcf41be8ea14 8202083 Remove explicit CMS checks in CardTableBarrierSet
aa04bf7b99bd 8202591 Remove usage of CMSEdenChunksRecordAlways in defNewGeneration.cpp
6be313c6c250 8202592 Remove unused EvacuateFollowersClosure
000c697c81db 8202639 Use concrete Generation classes in SerialHeap and CMSHeap
01a88f825a84 8202641 Replace OOP_SINCE_SAVE_MARKS with templates
af1923174c9b 8202642 Replace PAR_OOP_ITERATE with templates
e0dbf14885b8 8199852 Print more information about class loaders in LinkageErrors.
92ec6aec6f06 8195717 test java/lang/invoke/MethodHandlesTest timed out running testAsCollector1
3db7884546a1 8185034 Cleanup and consolidate Metaspace coding
9fec54fe663d 8197954 Remove unnecessary intermediary APIs from AppCDS implementation
a7d4b4d78c37 8202606 Deprecate AllowNonVirtualCalls option
86c6968ff67a 8202686 Missing test case for 8200167 - final Object methods
9f2b32b87906 8202744 Expired flag removal for JDK 11
2d1952d4d067 8202690 jdk/jshell/ failed in testOpenFileOverHttp() and testOpenLocalFileUrl()
2566ad726765 8202581 failure_handler: gather more environment information on macOS
d9d55f64d136 8191410 Unicode 10
26d9c0cf53d5 8200716 Object propertyIsEnumerable buggy behavior on short integer-string key
edbb27451b4b 8202583 Remove experimental ClassForNamePlugin
1c4fb292447c 8202719 Use Collections.emptyEnumeration where possible
9d17c375dc30 8202017 Merge Reference Enqueuing phase with phase 3 of Reference processing
0d4920ac269c 8202548 Use reservation Object when creating SpeciesData
f5231f5762fc 8200372 String::trim JavaDoc should clarify meaning of space
d213d70182a9 8181594 Efficient and constant-time modular arithmetic
9bc1e6487cbb 8171277 Elliptic Curves for Security in Crypto
4fa726f796f5 8202781 Fix typo in DiscoveredListIterator::complete_enqeue
0b63526d1550 8199196 Add javadoc support for preview features
ca1f2d4d4ec8 8202709 Move oopDesc::is_archive_object to MetaspaceShared::is_archive_object
f945444fabc3 8202647 Add deduplicate_string function to CollectedHeap
f7e564cacfbc 8202649 Move the Parallel GC specific task creation functions out of Threads
10843c8ecd54 8202722 Move marksweep_init into GC code
06d5b1f66553 8202810 Remove class-for-name test
20520a835f48 8202597 javac is not inducing a notional interface if Object appears in an intersection type
e64e3cd120b7 8202563 BigInteger/BigDecimal not immune to overflow, contrary to spec
50c0d24d3971 8202631 JVM_Clone to throw CloneNotSupportException for Reference object
e4a7bacf99b1 8202816 Update JarSigning.keystore
ae0ebd3cf949 8202564 java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/ fails
bd3e4517dfa3 8202634 Metaspace: simplify SpaceManager lists
88b76c19d8eb 8202650 Enforce group for attach listener file
5201c9474ee7 8202711 Merge tiered compilation policies
c5341d61506f 8201602 ARM32 - Minimal Dynamic Constant support
c036b84c6bbf 8202662 JFR tests fails: Could not find leak with class
758deedaae84 8202780 Remove EnqueueTask related code from ReferenceProcessor after JDK-8202017