Changeset Bug IDSynopsis
1d879babed52 8198628 further simplifications to lambda classification at JavacParser
b1c42b3cd19b 8198253 ThreadInfo.from(CompositeData) incorrectly accepts CompositeData with missing JDK 6 attributes
039e63e471e1 8198859 Use elfedit to silence linker warnings on solaris
05077701f689 8171000 Robot.createScreenCapture() crashes in wayland mode
977219d0ee00 8195131 Dead code removal for changes present in JDK-8176795
673be6f60323 8197546 Fix for 8171000 breaks Solaris + Linux builds
cf931670015b 5076761 JList.setSelectedValue(null, ...) doesn't do anything
96ea4dff640e 8197499 RepaintManager does not increase double buffer after attaching a device with higher resolution
68b37374319c 8196338 [TEST_BUG] sanity/client/SwingSet/src/ Failed with timeout
1fc095fa0cd7 8197482 Make Jemmy ComponentChooser lambda friendly
149647adb633 8197549 Implement a new method similar to waitState() on Operator which run the check on event queue
82c1fe23c469 8196196 Headful tests should not be run in headless mode
6dc5e0cdb44c 8196133 JShell crashes when attempting to use bad source file in class path
eaef201ec301 8198333 ProblemList should be updated for headless mode
ef6d5152a5ae 8198005 javax/swing/JFileChooser/7199708/ throws error
92ced6e1a93b 8197926 java/awt/dnd/ImageTransferTest/ doesnt close the windows in HiDPI setting
8ff80b2e0fe0 8129569 [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/Frame/MaximizedToUnmaximized/ fails
bec86eb4a71a 8198004 javax/swing/JFileChooser/6868611/ throws error
37029f65db25 8198693 Update ProblemsList for mac
24c72ffb7660 8196322 [macosx] When the screen menu bar is used, clearing the default menu bar should permit AWT shutdown
29d885fdb4bd 8186513 [TESTBUG] javax/swing/JInternalFrame/8160248/
cd1d231b2c33 8197808 Test java/awt/Dialog/MakeWindowAlwaysOnTop/ fails on Windows
b9ee7c274ee0 8198841 Thread.interrupt should set interrupt status while holding blockerLock
f2804cb922ce 8197594 String#repeat
a7af40c779d8 8187653 Lock in CoderResult.Cache becomes performance bottleneck
1b33025ae610 6372077 JarFile.getManifest() should handle manifest attribute name 70 bytes
ecfaa82c53be 8137326 Methods for comparing CharSequence, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer
ef9ddc426975 8198888 Reduce string allocation churn in InvokerBytecodeGenerator
0a93645a57f1 8198810 URLClassLoader does not specify behavior when URL array contains null
dbbbf6d7cf6e 8198933 Update JDI tests to pass valid URL[]
216c1a039335 8198821 fix test methods access for test java/text/Normalizer/
c04d813140dc 8198724 Refactor FLAGS handling in configure
10f447530d32 8198697 Simplify initialization of platform encoding
fc16b5f193c7 8198955 String#repeat loop optimization
d8057fc6fffc 8198970 jnu_util.c compilation error on Solaris
6abbc1f5c2a1 8198862 Stop doing funky compilation stuff for dtrace
c5eb27eed365 8198966 To make CoderResult.Cache.cache final and allocate it eagerly
f29637bb390e 8197533 Move javax.transaction.xa to its own module
73385a708426 8198931 remove java.xml.bind module dependency for com/sun/jndi tests
97288886180c 8198834 (ch) Enable java/nio/channels/spi/SelectorProvider/inheritedChannel/ on linux-x64
fb9f590b9eee 4993841 (str) java.lang.Character should have a toString(int) method
4c2e97e4975a 8193660 Check SOURCE line in "release" file for closedjdk
13ff1c3f0d4c 8193660 Check SOURCE line in "release" file for closedjdk
5d35b6050163 8199052 Configure broken on aarch64
a5b237cfccef 8198844 Clean up GensrcX11Wrappers
9cbb97715f53 8199018 Test crypto provider not registering
6d825d74f4d6 8197538 Remove mention of hotjava paths in
e9a335686df9 8199118 Filtering of filename for microsoft CL broken on newer Cygwin
50f5ea3292f1 8199125 --disable-warnings-as-errors does not work for native jtreg test code
67912cbf784a 8199103 Can't use COMPARE_BUILD with PATCH from custom root
771616d26ca1 8182765 HTML5 must be the default javadoc codegen mode in the near future
9ffbe8258541 8198302 VS2017 (C4477) java.base/windows/native/libnet/NetworkInterface_winXP.c incorrect printf format strings
ac95c7a76132 8198928 (so) SocketChannel connect may deadlock if closed at around same time that connect fails
4affaea00c05 8199015 (se) SocketChannelImpl.translateXXXOps access channel state without synchronization
2d5cc05d877e 8199120 (so) SocketChannelImpl read/write don't need stateLock when channel is configured non-blocking
71bc133f25ea 8199152 Configure broken on arm32
2854589fd853 8199236 Nashorn uses deprecated HTML tags in Javadoc
02b821c5df93 8199224 Refactor add_native_source in SetupNativeCompilation
af37d9997bd6 8199197 Set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH when running tests on windows
323fc55ebe73 8199198 Remove unused functions in jdk.crypto.mscapi native code
217780dff1bf 8198898 Compilation errors in jdk.crypto.mscapi with VS 2017
a4a816f88e58 8191139 Remove deprecated API
e38b6a7f65ee 8199327 nuke var type name after a lambda has been accepted
5447851ff0f6 8169358 httpserver does not close connections when RejectedExecutionException occurs
28729cf7e4bc 8198899 Compilation errors in java.prefs with VS 2017
7cd937277d5e 8199338 Use -g0 on solstudio also for compiling C programs
6aaf3aef2d67 8199331 Don't limit debug information for fastdebug JDK native libraries
2478f56cf409 8199339 JDK-8198859 broke solaris x64
f62d1d1c2d9c 8194296 Check copyright of files in make/langtools/tools
436f1e03fd04 8199266 Update boot and build jdk requirements in configure
cefb7b496d17 8199347 Always use -Z7 for debug symbols when compiling on Windows
8f1bc5a0d16d 8196064 AArch64: Merging ld/st into ldp/stp in macro-assembler
c200b4700aeb 8195065 runtime/appcds/ intermittent failure
580bb0b85f63 8198554 Add fuzzy matching for log levels and tags when parsing -Xlog
7e958a8ebcd3 8195142 Refactor out card table from CardTableModRefBS to flatten the BarrierSet hierarchy
75e2a82fed81 8198640 VS2017 (LNK4281) Link Warning Against Missed ASLR Optimization
2879dad8d4ec 8198312 VS2017: Upgrade HOTSPOT_BUILD_COMPILER in vm_version.cpp
ba9da6aaae36 8198304 VS2017 (C4838, C4312) Various conversion issues with gtest tests
23348e42fb34 8197864 VS2017 (C4334) Result of 32-bit Shift Implicitly Converted to 64 bits
af8578e25d17 8194085 Obsolete the deprecated SafepointSynchronize flags and remove related code
49e095e658c7 8198703 Missing #include "gc/shared/cardTableModRefBS.hpp" in graphKit.hpp
6ecca4a9c75f 8170976 [TESTBUG] LogTestFixture does not restore previous logging state
f047fae0169c 8198750 [s390+x86_32+aarch64] Fix build after jdk-8195142
cf4562e8a3f9 8198293 AARCH64 - Add CPU detection code for Cavium Thunder X2
f842bb1e3885 8196868 AARCH64: ld/st instructions hit guarantee assert while using sp
6a5decfc5574 8197408 Bad pointer comparison and small cleanup in os_linux.cpp
eebf559c9e0d 8196882 VS2017 Hotspot Defined vsnprintf Function Causes C2084 Already Defined Compilation Error
1836bf0c820a 8190679 java/util/Arrays/ fails with "Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum heap size"
4b273ed9a82d 8197453 Add support of extra problem list
9637557def32 8190346 improve unified JVM logging help message and warnings
fde9b3c56de4 8153945 Track if log configuration has changed during runtime
bd1bfa4e563f 8198825 Resolve missing review feedback for JDK-8170976
268beecd832a 8187066 -Xlog:help "=debug" example is not quite accurate
8026f64901de 8197841 Remove unused function Universe::create_heap_ext
5d1b75086f98 8191421 Deprecate PrintSafepointStatistics, PrintSafepointStatisticsTimeout and PrintSafepointStatisticsCount options
f7b73f9ae38f 8198252 Null pointer dereference in fold_compares_helper
e9ba8b40ca6f 8168722 Unified Logging configuration output needs simplifying
41e570d862b4 8148871 Possible wrong expression stack depth at deopt point
c14c75375fa4 8198887 JDK-8168722 broke the build on macosx
13378aa8527e 8195632 [Graal] Introduce EagerJVMCI flag to force eager JVMCI initialization
6734eeef4283 8198474 Move JNIHandles::resolve into jniHandles.inline.hpp
c3ec048aad63 8191369 NMT: Enhance thread stack tracking
1d2cb50c1492 8198833 TestMemoryAwareness Docker container fails with too small maximum heap
82a3005cb038 8199154 Accessibility issues in
cc2673fa8c20 8187950 javax.lang.model APIs throws CompletionFailure or a subtype of CompletionFailure.
51ad2caecdb6 8199416 Remove debug output left over since JDK-8198844
986249df86ce 8199403 Require binutils 2.18 or newer
a19a6228cdb2 8199405 Bump lowest supported gcc to 4.8
e59941f7247d 8199352 The Jib artifact resolver in test lib needs to print better error messages