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Provides implementations of LoginModule.
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    class  JndiLoginModule
    The module prompts for a username and password and then verifies the password against the password stored in a directory service configured under JNDI.
    class  KeyStoreLoginModule
    Provides a JAAS login module that prompts for a key store alias and populates the subject with the alias's principal and credentials.
    class  Krb5LoginModule
    This LoginModule authenticates users using Kerberos protocols.
    class  LdapLoginModule
    This LoginModule performs LDAP-based authentication.
    class  NTLoginModule
    This LoginModule renders a user's NT security information as some number of Principals and associates them with a Subject.
    class  UnixLoginModule
    This LoginModule imports a user's Unix Principal information (UnixPrincipal, UnixNumericUserPrincipal, and UnixNumericGroupPrincipal) and associates them with the current Subject.