Module java.base



Support for time-zones and their rules.

Daylight Saving Time and Time-Zones are concepts used by Governments to alter local time. This package provides support for time-zones, their rules and the resulting gaps and overlaps in the local time-line typically caused by Daylight Saving Time.

Package specification

Unless otherwise noted, passing a null argument to a constructor or method in any class or interface in this package will cause a NullPointerException to be thrown. The Javadoc "@param" definition is used to summarise the null-behavior. The "@throws NullPointerException" is not explicitly documented in each method.

All calculations should check for numeric overflow and throw either an ArithmeticException or a DateTimeException.

  • Related Packages
    The main API for dates, times, instants, and durations.
    Generic API for calendar systems other than the default ISO.
    Provides classes to print and parse dates and times.
    Access to date and time using fields and units, and date time adjusters.
  • Class Summary
    A transition between two offsets caused by a discontinuity in the local time-line.
    A rule expressing how to create a transition.
    The rules defining how the zone offset varies for a single time-zone.
    Provider of time-zone rules to the system.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    A definition of the way a local time can be converted to the actual transition date-time.
  • Exception Summary
    Thrown to indicate a problem with time-zone configuration.