Module java.base


This package provides a framework for authentication and authorization. The framework allows authentication to be performed in pluggable fashion. Different authentication modules can be plugged under an application without requiring modifications to the application itself. The authorization component allows specification of access controls based on code location, code signers and code executors (Subjects).
  • Related Packages
    This package provides the classes necessary for services to interact with applications in order to retrieve information (authentication data including usernames or passwords, for example) or to display information (error and warning messages, for example).
    This package contains utility classes related to the Kerberos network authentication protocol.
    This package provides a pluggable authentication framework.
    This package provides the interface to be used for implementing pluggable authentication modules.
    This package contains the classes that should be used to store X500 Principal and X500 Private Credentials in a Subject.
    Provides classes for public key certificates.
    Contains class and interfaces for supporting SASL.
  • Interface Summary
    Objects such as credentials may optionally implement this interface to provide the capability to destroy its contents.
    Objects such as credentials may optionally implement this interface to provide the capability to refresh itself.
  • Class Summary
    This class is for authentication permissions.
    This class is used to protect access to private Credentials belonging to a particular Subject.
    A Subject represents a grouping of related information for a single entity, such as a person.
    A SubjectDomainCombiner updates ProtectionDomains with Principals from the Subject associated with this SubjectDomainCombiner.
  • Exception Summary
    Signals that a destroy operation failed.
    Signals that a refresh operation failed.