Interface EdECPrivateKey

All Superinterfaces:
AsymmetricKey, Destroyable, EdECKey, Key, PrivateKey, Serializable

public interface EdECPrivateKey extends EdECKey, PrivateKey
An interface for an elliptic curve private key as defined by RFC 8032: Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA). These keys are distinct from the keys represented by ECPrivateKey, and they are intended for use with algorithms based on RFC 8032 such as the EdDSA Signature algorithm.

An Edwards-Curve private key is a bit string. This interface only supports bit string lengths that are a multiple of 8, and the key is represented using a byte array.

  • Method Details

    • getBytes

      Optional<byte[]> getBytes()
      Get a copy of the byte array representing the private key. This method may return an empty Optional if the implementation is not willing to produce the private key value.
      an Optional containing the private key byte array. If the key is not available, then an empty Optional.
    • getParams

      default NamedParameterSpec getParams()
      Returns the parameters associated with this key. The parameters are optional and may be either explicitly specified or implicitly created during key pair generation.
      Specified by:
      getParams in interface AsymmetricKey
      Specified by:
      getParams in interface EdECKey
      Implementation Requirements:
      The default implementation returns null.
      the associated parameters, may be null