Class FocusManager

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KeyEventDispatcher, KeyEventPostProcessor
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public abstract class FocusManager extends DefaultKeyboardFocusManager
This class has been obsoleted by the 1.4 focus APIs. While client code may still use this class, developers are strongly encouraged to use java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager and java.awt.DefaultKeyboardFocusManager instead.

Please see How to Use the Focus Subsystem, a section in The Java Tutorial, and the Focus Specification for more information.

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  • Field Details


      public static final String FOCUS_MANAGER_CLASS_PROPERTY
      This field is obsolete, and its use is discouraged since its specification is incompatible with the 1.4 focus APIs. The current FocusManager is no longer a property of the UI. Client code must query for the current FocusManager using KeyboardFocusManager.getCurrentKeyboardFocusManager(). See the Focus Specification for more information.
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  • Constructor Details

    • FocusManager

      protected FocusManager()
      Constructor for subclasses to call.
  • Method Details

    • getCurrentManager

      public static FocusManager getCurrentManager()
      Returns the current KeyboardFocusManager instance for the calling thread's context.
      this thread's context's KeyboardFocusManager
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    • setCurrentManager

      public static void setCurrentManager(FocusManager aFocusManager) throws SecurityException
      Sets the current KeyboardFocusManager instance for the calling thread's context. If null is specified, then the current KeyboardFocusManager is replaced with a new instance of DefaultKeyboardFocusManager.

      If a SecurityManager is installed, the calling thread must be granted the AWTPermission "replaceKeyboardFocusManager" in order to replace the current KeyboardFocusManager. If this permission is not granted, this method will throw a SecurityException, and the current KeyboardFocusManager will be unchanged.

      aFocusManager - the new KeyboardFocusManager for this thread's context
      SecurityException - if the calling thread does not have permission to replace the current KeyboardFocusManager
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    • disableSwingFocusManager

      @Deprecated public static void disableSwingFocusManager()
      as of 1.4, replaced by KeyboardFocusManager.setDefaultFocusTraversalPolicy(FocusTraversalPolicy)
      Changes the current KeyboardFocusManager's default FocusTraversalPolicy to DefaultFocusTraversalPolicy.
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    • isFocusManagerEnabled

      @Deprecated public static boolean isFocusManagerEnabled()
      As of 1.4, replaced by KeyboardFocusManager.getDefaultFocusTraversalPolicy()
      Returns whether the application has invoked disableSwingFocusManager().
      true if focus manager is enabled.
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