Class LayeredHighlighter

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public abstract class LayeredHighlighter extends Object implements Highlighter
Implementation of Highlighter interface to mark up the background of leaf views with colored areas.
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  • Constructor Details

    • LayeredHighlighter

      protected LayeredHighlighter()
      Constructor for subclasses to call.
  • Method Details

    • paintLayeredHighlights

      public abstract void paintLayeredHighlights(Graphics g, int p0, int p1, Shape viewBounds, JTextComponent editor, View view)
      When leaf Views (such as LabelView) are rendering they should call into this method. If a highlight is in the given region it will be drawn immediately.
      g - Graphics used to draw
      p0 - starting offset of view
      p1 - ending offset of view
      viewBounds - Bounds of View
      editor - JTextComponent
      view - View instance being rendered