Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
0ed065d95ef3 8173207 Upgrade compression library
8bb69d017f3c 8184682 Upgrade compression library
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
ecd5b028c991 8173207 Upgrade compression library
0968fcbae2c1 8180024 Improve construction of objects during deserialization
880a9f4ce67a 8184682 Upgrade compression library
4145ba26d9ff 8160104 CORBA communication improvements
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
d8e653b256ef 8167104 Additional class construction refinements
75000d7dd468 8168699 Validate special case invocations
ba25f5833a12 8157548 JVM crashes sometimes while starting
82f3ae5b4190 6515172 Runtime.availableProcessors() ignores Linux taskset command
26b1fe7cd851 8157184 java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/ failed with a fatal error
41daac438a2a 8038348 Instance field load is replaced by wrong data Phi
733615d6afda 8173207 Upgrade compression library
b56e03b3e2d9 8175932 Improve host instance supports
eb9e617d6f64 8173631 Backout three hotspot fixes from 8u121-bpr repo
9187473df31d 6515172 Runtime.availableProcessors() ignores Linux taskset command
c5ff0a4b9532 8165153 Crash in rebuild_cpu_to_node_map
072770c9a6b9 8157184 java/lang/invoke/LFCaching/ failed with a fatal error
3b6372514697 8038348 Instance field load is replaced by wrong data Phi
e59c874298de 8147910 Cache initial active_processor_count
05fd47f3b456 8161993 G1 crashes if active_processor_count changes during startup
fa112b882e3c 8170307 Stack size option -Xss is ignored
c60b0994e8ee 8170888 [linux] Experimental support for cgroup memory limits in container (ie Docker) environments
0612a789929b 8162795 [REDO] MemberNameTable doesn't purge stale entries
1a8bf7b6c287 8173770 Image conversion improvements
ab4ed66e0596 8181420 PPC: Image conversion improvements
b0b6bdcf22f0 8180020 Improve SymbolHashMap entry handling
8aa5e0006ee3 8181664 Improve JVM UTF String handling
77e13f15e396 8164293 HotSpot leaking memory in long-running requests
98e7171e0372 8043913 remove legacy code in SPARC's VM_Version::platform_features
c0f6c987718c 8049717 expose L1_data_cache_line_size for diagnostic/sanity checks
305c7da1388b 8177817 Remove assertions in 8u that were removed by 8056124 in 9.
0516a915fb39 8134119 Use new API to get cache line sizes
41e0713bcca2 8165482 java in ldoms, with cpu-arch=generic has problems
e318654a4fa3 8164002 Add a new CPU family (S_family) for SPARC S7 and above processors
32998fc932dc 8168914 Crash in ClassLoaderData/JNIHandleBlock::oops_do during concurrent marking
9ffa0d7ed932 8161598 Kitchensink fails: assert(nm->insts_contains(original_pc)) failed: original PC must be in nmethod/CompiledMethod
e413e0d0e467 8180711 Better invokespecial checks
2667e5c45e24 8184682 Upgrade compression library
f8a45a60bc6b 8174962 Better interface invocations
53d23b6b25cd 8158639 C2 compilation fails with SIGSEGV
f5ded236c413 8134389 Crash in HotSpot with jvm.dll+0x42b48 ciObjectFactory::create_new_metadata
d89d36d67c94 8180048 Interned string and symbol table leak memory during parallel unlinking
3d505f6c7af1 8185572 Enable AssumeMP by default on SPARC machines
f23241cde362 8087291 InitialBootClassLoaderMetaspaceSize and CompressedClassSpaceSize should be checked consistent from MaxMetaspaceSize
b1606443958a 8191907 PPC64 part of JDK-8174962: Better interface invocations
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
6c839b5cc1e2 8169011 Resizing XML parse trees
058d4ecd7b16 8167179 Make XSL generated namespace prefixes local to transformation process
2cef5cefa4fd 8172469 Transform Transformer Exceptions
13dc6472c84f 8173207 Upgrade compression library
7fc32a4d0098 8176731 JCK tests in api/javax_xml/transform/ spec conformance started failing after 8172469
2d2d15790969 8181327 Better X processing
9c40cb6adbe2 8184682 Upgrade compression library
08a44c164993 8186080 Transform XML interfaces
8188880 A JAXB JCK test failure found after 8186080
52da6a9595db 8192794 8u162 L10n resource file update md20
3105b0c6ced1 8192793 8u161 L10n resource file update md20
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
c946a5cc042f 8159058 SAXParseException when sending soap message
99eee9a5e9da 8173207 Upgrade compression library
c9faeb64c34e 8182054 Improve wsdl support
d5c5a205d7fb 8172297 In java 8, the marshalling with JAX-WS does not escape carriage return
08274356c9ad 8181100 Better Base Exceptions
ba87419bec51 8184682 Upgrade compression library
d9877e4e1f2b 8159240 XSOM parser incorrectly processes type names with whitespaces
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
b609d0f90c11 8154015 Apply algorithm constraints to timestamped code
63df8a32bd4d 8166988 Improve image processing performance
a64204fa3443 8167356 Follow up fix for jdk8 backport of 8164143. Changes for CMenuComponent.m were missed
cac681fb5bd1 8140353 Improve signature checking
7550ace1ed5e 8167472 Chrome interop regression with JDK-8148516
a58fca2f8a5d 8158997 JNDI Protocols Switch
2dd5ae164ef7 8165344 Update concurrency support
873727181734 8165230 RMIConnection addNotificationListeners failing with specific inputs
92555c9dbdc2 8169072 Backout JDK-8154015
5654d6d65902 8168963 Backout JDK-8154005
a4aec69352bc 8165626 Improved window framing
b64e5e63770e 8168728 DSA signing improvments
b171d4533268 8168724 ECDSA signing improvments
57fb00fcd20f 8169026 Handle smartcard clean up better
df08a0e7f22c 8167223 URL handling improvements
448ee54864d3 8168705 Better ObjectIdentifier validation
102a5fec5011 8168861 AnchorCertificates uses hardcoded password for cacerts keystore
84b7e90435b1 8161571 Verifying ECDSA signatures permits trailing bytes
3809a2402a6d 8168714 Tighten ECDSA validation
df91dcad1c5f 8169944 sun/security/tools tests fail with CompilationError
ed5059b5aa41 8163528 Better library loading
2bdc0551b37b 8169688 Backout (remove) MD5 from jdk.jar.disabledAlgorithms for January CPU
15438631b1d0 8159377 JMX Connections need white-list filters
5fec8e5050b1 8170911 8170823 changes in 8u131 causing signature-test failure in jck runtime8b suite
f3d7734ad739 8164908 ReflectionFactory support for IIOP and custom serialization
49f05b4e886d 8170131 Certificates not being blocked by jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms property
8166393 disabledAlgorithms property should not be strictly parsed
fca24a0be2f5 8163520 Reuse cache entries
95763452250b 8165543 Better window framing
73039997fd0a 8171121 Enhancing jar checking
5adbc7dc1bc5 8170814 Reuse cache entries (part II)
e1a11fc871de 8167110 Windows peering issue
7155957 closed/java/awt/MenuBar/MenuBarStress1/ hangs on win 64 bit with jdk8
8079595 Resizing dialog which is JWindow parent makes JVM crash
8147842 IME Composition Window is displayed at incorrect location
a22d8954a800 8130769 The new menu can't be shown on the menubar after clicking the "Add" button.
c0f664ed780a 8170966 Right parenthesis issue
d640834171d3 8161195 Regression: closed/javax/swing/text/FlowView/
eab784b59659 8172461 Service Registration Lifecycle
fafd99046e03 8171388 Update JNDI Thread contexts
5264ef9b95c7 8172299 Improve class processing
ea9be82ae3f7 8174098 Better image fetching
08ac8ac2e90f 8169465 Deadlock in com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool.Connections
4bff4677eb31 8159377 JMX Connections need white-list filters
548a51660ee9 8169191 (tz) Support tzdata2016i
8bc4aa6077da 8035568 [macosx] Cursor management unification
a334b0815d34 8169589 [macosx] Activating a JDialog puts to back another dialog
6e2cee6f088e 8167179 Make XSL generated namespace prefixes local to transformation process
8a1abb7f77fc 8171949 [macosx] AWT_ZoomFrame Automated tests fail with error: The bitwise mask Frame.ICONIFIED is not setwhen the frame is in ICONIFIED state
4f69f3363a2e 8171952 [macosx] AWT_Modality/Automated/ModalExclusion/NoExclusion/ModelessDialog test fails as DummyButton on Dialog did not gain focus when clicked.
dfd86a68e66b 7172652 With JDK 1.7 text field does not obtain focus when using mnemonic Alt/Key combin
96d1c44ffaf4 8075516 Deleting a file from either the open or save java.awt.FileDialog hangs.
436275609ea9 8152981 Double icons with JMenuItem setHorizontalTextPosition on Win 10
f15a1da85888 8169465 Deadlock in com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool.Connections
ec26e3331158 8159058 SAXParseException when sending soap message
5b26a0aa6cbe 7167293 FtpURLConnection connection leak on FileNotFoundException
dd4d476311bc 8170222 Better transfers of files
0eb2bbf08450 8171533 Better email transfer
a7f4fae6f24d 8174844 Incorrect GPL header causes RE script to miss swap to commercial header for licensee source bundle
f988f6ddba16 8174985 NTLM authentication doesn't work with IIS if NTLM cache is disabled
10ea3deabda8 8172204 Better Thread Pool execution
d1795dddf335 8172465 Better handling of channel groups
f2512792cb2e 8174105 Better naming attribution
2da33d9e9ba1 8176769 Remove accidental spec change in jdk8u
d58044ece646 8169392 Additional jar validation steps
2941c8757fb2 8173207 Upgrade compression library
c5bde72037f9 8162461 Hang due to JNI up-call made whilst holding JNI critical lock
425f8067f376 8169209 Improved image post-processing steps
99b81c5ba5ce 8166362 [TEST_BUG] test sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/ failing with cert error in 8u121 b01
8177144 [TEST BUG] sun/net/www/http/HttpClient/ should run in ovm mode
3600528abb01 8173697 Less Active Activations
1d2915e75788 8173145 Menu is activated after using mnemonic Alt/Key combination
90f36d39acdc 8173783 IllegalArgumentException: jdk.tls.namedGroups
25707dc29e5d 8171388 Update JNDI Thread contexts
dd7cf67203d6 8163889 [macosx] Can't print from browser on Mac OS X
fd839d3eb879 8163979 [macosx] Chinese text shows as Latin w/ openVanilla input method
1f5c744d3d57 8170950 Text is displayed in bold when fonts are installed into symlinked folder
cec5310dcc2b 8171808 Performance problems in dialogs with large tables when JAB activated
2ad36073ecb5 8170316 (tz) Support tzdata2016j
8f376be39fac 8058316 lookupDefaultPrintService returns null on Solaris 11
a5c94735ad3f 8176044 (tz) Support tzdata2017a
2fee42433fbe 8176536 Improved algorithm constraints checking
7f239fca6e51 8171252 Improve exception checking
8158517 Minor optimizations to ISO10126PADDING
9e3ff6c4169e 8163958 Improved garbage collection
dba6e521602c 8174113 Better sourcing of code
0120349d0fd7 8174873 Improved certificate procesing
28a9d8c420a4 8177750 Forgot TestSocketFactory testcase in 8163958 changeset
8a9b075a2c82 8176760 Better handling of PKCS8 material
31fa3567edc6 8176458 Revise default document styling
b93888d14d2c 8175940 More certificate subject checking
e27db7d82f59 8170218 Improved Font Metrics
52a3b6c1054a 8171262 Stability fixes for lcms
b80099abe7bc 8173286 Better reading of text catalogs
6261fc8971af 8169966 Larger AWT menus
57c78159ca3d 8176067 Proper directory lookup processing
2de0bcc2a27e 8179101 Improve algorithm constraints implementation
9296233a5a90 8176751 Better URL connections
c0244776d095 8155690 Update libPNG library to the latest up-to-date
815506f82fc7 8167228 Update to libpng 1.6.28
915a4bfa6de4 8179536 Cleaner print job handling
8f2521692d9f 8179998 Clear certificate chain connections
8e99c23e9c3b 8174770 Check registry registration location
579724308ba5 8180011 Cleaner native graphics device handling
034179108dd1 8176055 JMX diagnostic improvements
58e92756a5a7 8179423 2 security tests started failing for JDK 1.6.0 u161 b05
6c88634aa73a 8175106 Higher quality DSA operations
c3ba55613abe 8178135 Additional elliptic curve support
aa5c0133e5ad 8165367 Additional tests for JEP 288: Disable SHA-1 Certificates
fae4ad1bd8f7 8175110 Higher quality ECDSA operations
521f330bda2f 8172525 Improve key keying case
48b5477d2f57 8180024 Improve construction of objects during deserialization
85a4c71f2987 8156502 Use short name of
e4cb08798c34 8140436 Negotiated Finite Field Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral Parameters for TLS
c98628f7598e 8179990 Cleaner palette entry handling
13fee38dd8d1 8180015 Cleaner AWT robot handling
9efe93c3a02f 8178714 PKIX validator nameConstraints check failing after change 8175940
e0dfcefac2e9 8181439 Test the jdk.tls.namedGroups System Property
d9a916609114 8178728 Check the AlgorithmParameters in algorithm constraints
74616f08ee7b 8182614 Backout JDK-8140436 from 8u161
27bf6cc392f3 8181975 Run sun/security/pkcs11 tests on Mac
18580ed0808b 8180877 More deeply colored ICC spaces
1be13d4a1dae 8181370 Better keystore handling
c8452ac492b5 8061258 [macosx] PrinterJob's native Print Dialog does not reflect specified Copies or Page Ranges
9f3a914410f4 8167102 [macosx] PrintRequestAttributeSet breaks page size set using PageFormat
128c3a44e760 8076249 NPE in AccessBridge while editing JList model
148b38441505 8179223 Integrate 8176490 into 8u131-bpr repo
30d341cf1562 8165829 Android Studio 2.x crashes with NPE at sun.lwawt.macosx.CAccessibility.getAccessibleIndexInParent
2a40c91d61de 8076554 [macosx] Custom Swing text components need to allow standard accessibility
28becb85f3de 8145207 [macosx] JList, VO can't access non-visible list items
e54624a8ebe3 8177449 (tz) Support tzdata2017b
50c555bbe2c5 8160696 IllegalArgumentException: adding a component to a container on a different GraphicsDevice
15006e8dc79b 8175251 Failed to load RSA private key from pkcs12
c924bb3c77b9 8164119 MoveToOtherScreenTest fails due wrong key attribute
4ec71e91dbbe 8075484 SocketInputStream.socketRead0 can hang even with soTimeout set
70cf641849cb 8181192 [macos] javafx.print.PrinterJob.showPrintDialog() hangs on macOS
c496dbaf3032 8173654 Regression since 8u60: System.getenv doesn't return env var set in JNI code
e6e35f065443 8172297 In java 8, the marshalling with JAX-WS does not escape carriage return
31470c1fd50e 8174756 Extra validation for public keys
4c71a7aae6fd 8181597 Process Proxy presentation
4c93ca59ea76 8179564 Missing @bug for tests added with JDK-8165367
3b0590c38c4c 8183028 Improve CMS header processing
b8df6964012a 8181432 Better processing of unresolved permissions
dfddf6157306 8184185 Rearrange MethodHandle arrangements
97e8f076c3b9 8181692 Update storage implementations
55899d2b99b0 8183939 Import JDK-8182672 into 8u141-bpr repo
f54cda9e78df 8181323 Better timezone processing
299e8fb3dc30 8181048 Refactor existing providers to refer to the same constants for default values for key length
3a0c44e93d5b 8184993 Jar file verification failing with SecurityException: digest missing xxx
2f3f1e02aea8 8178794 Correct Kerberos ticket grants
9ddd7155a71f 8174966 Unreferenced references
5ba537ff11e7 8181612 More stable connection processing
fe8b7f1a125f 8185039 Incorrect GPL header causes RE script to miss swap to commercial header for licensee source bundle
969c0ffacd13 8185040 Incorrect GPL header causes RE script to miss swap to commercial header for licensee source bundle
169e56b34a5e 8029659 Keytool, print key algorithm of certificate or key entry
08ea7faa939f 8171319 keytool should print out warnings when reading or generating cert/cert req using weak algorithms
7c4b7532f864 8177569 keytool should not warn if signature algorithm used in cacerts is weak
1a3c50d9b0d5 8182879 Add warnings to keytool when using JKS and JCEKS
dad1c479844c 8185628 Backport jdk/test/lib/testlibrary/ to jdk8u which is helpful in test development
d324c7211af3 8035105 DNS provider cleanups
b0960acb6c1d 8182125 Improve reliability of DNS lookups
c579e3c9300b 8148108 Disable Diffie-Hellman keys less than 1024 bits
0d5f59b2f7cd 8184682 Upgrade compression library
1b49c6c96487 8185845 Add test library
2fc6c7498787 8182601 Improve usage messages
a5d83ff6c6b8 8057810 New defaults for DSA keys in jarsigner and keytool
83d392638864 8184937 LCMS error 13: Couldn't link the profiles
193c43ec04d0 8174109 DoS on deserializing of collections
450e608cda84 8182387 Improve PKCS usage
bc782cfbb476 8186212 Improve GSS handling
2b84307a1efa 8181670 Improve implementation of keystores
867d515e666a 8185719 rmi TestSocketFactory does not flush
8186539 [testlibrary] TestSocketFactory should allow triggers before match/replace
0fe04d5b0f3d 8178466 Better RSA parameters
13dc4818297d 8160104 CORBA communication improvements
6d1b1a982aac 8178449 Improve LDAP logins
0140d1cc795e 8187482 Backout JDK-8159377
cfdf57b094ce 8187556 Backout of a fix reintroduced a dependency that had since been removed
5132097eb384 8186867 Improve native glyph layouts
a3e756231625 8174962 Better interface invocations
71dee2264ddd 8159035 test crashed due to unhandled case of cipher length value as 0
fef2bdb968d7 8185325 Improve GTK initialization
de63a6b6eb77 8180433 Cleaner CLR invocation handling
853f699a5273 8186998 Improve JMX supportive features
90f10a2d0b6f 8170157 Enable unlimited cryptographic policy by default in OracleJDK
3742cb9c55fd 8159240 XSOM parser incorrectly processes type names with whitespaces
3299bb548705 8185909 Disable JARs signed with DSA keys less than 1024 bits
6920e7e273e6 8072452 Support DHE sizes up to 8192-bits and DSA sizes up to 3072-bits
8154344 sun/security/pkcs11/KeyAgreement/ fails on solaris
9ab9cd4f23a5 8137255 sun/security/provider/NSASuiteB/ timeouts intermittently
1c28a0748a11 8184673 Fix compatibility issue in AlgorithmChecker for 3rd party JCE providers
3eb5db8f03a3 8190542 8u162 L10n resource file update
7399fd6431c7 8190541 8u161 L10n resource file update
dbaeccd61945 8190280 [macos] Font2DTest demo started failing for Arabic range from JDK 8 u162 b01 on Mac
27cf4b4cde87 8162530 src/ doesn't handle JNI exceptions properly
71f55554f2d6 8178458 Better use of certificates in LDAP
623b00a449e9 8170245 [TEST_BUG] Cipher tests fail when running with unlimited policy
578aa745da6f 8184016 Text in native popup is not always updated with Sogou IME
831aa7285e4b 8186699 Clean up extra Derby files
acfbac24ef9b 8190449 sun/security/pkcs11/KeyPairGenerator/ fails on Solaris x64 5.10
9b819798e7b0 8185292 Stricter key generation
5f5a7709ac30 8190289 More refactoring for client deserialization cases
cb84156d54b2 8186080 Transform XML interfaces
8188880 A JAXB JCK test failure found after 8186080
453aa18173a5 8191352 Remove 8u161-b07 and 8u162-b07 tag to include 8191340 for b07
2106e5bc1e30 8191352 Remove 8u161-b07 and 8u162-b07 tag to include 8191340 for b07
22f4dc5bcb99 8191340 8ux linux builds failing - (unknown type)
5f6c54b39f94 8163237 Restrict the use of EXPORT cipher suites
54545fe8a16c 8186600 Improve property negotiations
6c4b009c1573 8186606 Improve LDAP lookup robustness
8190789 sun/security/provider/certpath/LDAPCertStore/ fails after JDK-8186606
6f699ab66f9a 8158116 com/sun/crypto/provider/KeyAgreement/ failed with timeout
7fbe3e570800 8190497 DHParameterSpec.getL() returns zero after JDK-8072452
e7c79f48e837 8190258 (tz) Support tzdata2017c
8190259 test is broken by tzdata2017c
f4213c9b254f 8191137 keytool fails to format resource strings for keys for some languages after JDK-8171319
2c4e596e0cc3 8190266 closed/java/awt/ComponentOrientation/ throws java.util.MissingResourceException.
ed025b5c2668 8192794 8u162 L10n resource file update md20
af233a0cd05e 8181659 Create an alternative fix for JDK-8167102, whose fix was backed out
5be29012dcf2 8189284 More refactoring for deserialization cases
d8a986f955e5 8191142 More refactoring for naming deserialization cases
3eaad567db07 8192793 8u161 L10n resource file update md20
8d358ca3cfb8 8148421 Transport Layer Security (TLS) Session Hash and Extended Master Secret Extension
76f2c555ccca 8193683 Increase the number of clones in the CloneableDigest
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
615bd5b4186d 8173207 Upgrade compression library
08a21473de54 8180660 missing LNT entry for finally block
4f9a26ad4f80 8184682 Upgrade compression library
b127a5ee52d4 8192794 8u162 L10n resource file update md20
cfc40ab214f9 8192793 8u161 L10n resource file update md20
Changeset Bug ID Synopsis
3e0342059365 8171539 Better script accessibility for JavaScript
ae27e0069d5f 8173207 Upgrade compression library
fef22e5cec86 8184682 Upgrade compression library