Release Notes

JT Harness Binary Distribution
Version 4.2.1

November 2009

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The JT harness is based on Sun Microsystems' JavaTest harness. The JT harness is a general purpose, fully-featured, flexible, and configurable test harness very well suited for most types of unit testing. Originally developed as a test harness to run TCK test suites, it has since evolved into a general purpose test platform.

The JT harness:

JT harness 4.2.1 is a milestone release. We encourage you to try JT harness, participate in the community, and contribute to further development.

This binary release contains a built version of the JT harness (lib/javatest.jar) and a tutorial that introduces you to the JT harness graphical user interface.


The JT harness binary distribution is laid out as follows:


Contains the licenses and Sun Microsystems copyrights that apply to this open source product.
Contains the JT harness binary javatest.jar, the JUnit binary jt-junit.jar, and support libraries.
Contains documentation that accompanies the JT harness product.
Contains the JT harness tutorial (tutorial.html)


The JT harness tutorial includes an HTML tutorial that uses an example API and testsuite to introduce you to the JT harness graphical user interface. Follow these steps to run the tutorial:

  1. Make examples/tutorial your current directory.
  2. Open tutorial.html in your web browser and follow the step-by-step directions.


The JT harness requires the technologies listed in the following table.

Technology Where to Get It Notes
JDK™ version 1.5 or later

Run JT Harness

Run the JT harness using the following command:

% java -jar javatest.jar

Note: Typically, a user executes JT harness in the context of a test suite. Read the tutorial documentation for instructions about how to execute JT harness with the tutorial example test suite.

About This Release

Version 4.2.1 is a maintenance release. It fixes bugs and it contains the following notable behavior changes:

Bugs Fixed in Release 4.2.1

This release of the harness contains fixes for the following defects:

Bug ID Description
4422418 Dynamic update of Test Panels and message in "configuration" and "test run details"
4872437 No tooltip on "Other" exclude list list in Std Value view
4914047 Configuration error message does not specify the incorrect parameter
6425352 Open WD dialog disappears and does nothing when Open is pressed with a focus on any directory
6438509 Mnemonics do not work for items in the new status bar
6460208 CreateWorkDirectory/Templates table should try its best to show long template descriptions
6483875 Save the Configuration/Template editor window size
6486735 Truncate long filenames in Files tab for test result panel
6495275 FileNotFoundException for an invalid log file name
6495815 A long work directory name is not fully displayed in the status line
6495835 Status line does not show the configuration file when a template is loaded
6496426 Menu items aren't consistent. Sometimes "..." is missing, sometimes "..." exists where it should not
6498090 Selecting 'launch Configuration Editor' checkbox when loading template opens the template editor
6513256 Test results are not cleared in the test tree
6515115 Notification logging dialogs appear in batch mode
6518345 Not selecting the report format in the report converter causes data loss
6532000 Template Editor sometimes opens the wrong template
6556984 Specified TestsToRun list, unlike other filters, doesn't affect ExecuteTheseTests functionality
6582813 NPE in EventDispatchThread occured when wrong keywords expression in entered
6595264 Show message if no conflicts/updates are found when "Check for template updates" is selected
6598238 Create Report dialog: scroll bars needed
6624092 Report Converter: user input lost if particular error happens on the last step of the wizard
6636568 'Filtered Out' tab not refreshed (stays grayed) after View Filter is changed
6675576 Arrows don't work in List of Available Reports
6699295 Deadlock if keyword expression changed
6702426 "Not run" tab is not available when starting harness or opening workdir
6726833 Tabs in folder panel not enabled/disabled as needed when custom filter changed
6750305 Attempt to open WD based on deleted template caused NPE and silent failure to open it
6764057 Report Converter Tool should ignore NOT_RUN tests when resolving conflict between multiple sources
6779609 "Current Template" report filter works wrong for the "Create Report" dialog
6803526 Should not be able to create WD without a template then run tests with it
6804657 Empty cells have no borders in html report summary table
6806408 javatest.tool.Preferences object is not saved onto the disk when user closes exec tool
6806493 Create Report dialog permits report creation when no target report types are selected
6806506 Create Report dialog sometimes malfunctions with enabling/disabling report options
6806861 Various issues with Copy-Paste functionality in the Configuration/Template editor
6830597 Filtered Out tab may accidentally lose its contents - problem with synchronizing with tree selection
6859818 Harness should handle "Template not found" error situation more gracefully


Bugs Fixed in Release 4.2.1 Specifically of Interest to Test Suite Architects

The following bugs will be of interest to test suite architects.

Bug ID Description
4842710 In the JavaTest Architect's Guide, Appendix A, the ExecStdOtherVm passage says CLASSPATH is needed by the JDK
4978831 Data filtering for status and test result strings removes non-ASCII text
5072027 Some TestFilter subclasses are not hashtable-friendly
6476766 AgentClassLoader2 should define packages
6413394 NullPointerException thrown when invoking Interview.storeProperty(key, null)
6484939 CustomTestResultViewer.setResult or onChangedSetResult are not called after test execution finish
6567022 Poor Javadocs for com.sun.interview.PropertiesQuestion.*Constraints
6571832 Filename constraints work incorrectly in PropertiesQuestion
6658179 Memory leaks: Consecutive /OpenWD, /Close operations leak memory for *Interview objects
6658227 Memory leaks: Harness doesn't release objects properly when working with a single-instance TestSuite
6674329 javatestClassDir variable may be incorrectly encoded
6738742 Extension filter broken in create workdir dialog
6788128 ContextManager.getInterview() method functionality should be clarified and made more consistent
6802369 ProgressMonitor/TestsInProgress window should add started test only once
6806901 Custom services are unavailable when Harness started with java -jar javatest.jar
6806903 Make serializable
6820024 ProcessExecutor checks exit code for equality to 0 after process destroy
6820550 Improve efficiency of TestDescription#getRootRelativeURL() method implementation
6822008 ContextManager should not be created twice during ExecTool.<init> execution
6822443 Clarify the relationships and lifecycle of the ContextManager class
6823064 Unnecessary reload of current configuration on opening Configuration Editor
6823155 com.sun.javatest.InterviewParameters lifecycle and usage should be clarified and documented
6824104 Provide method to InterviewParameters#dispose() to clean up the interview objects
6836117 TemplateParameterFilter should not unnecessarily produce new InterviewParameters objects
6842839 Tests not always populated in tree
6847126 SimpleInterviewParameters defines wrong command for the agent mode
6881315 Provide observers notification upon implicit or explicit test tree refresh invocation
6877042 Allow named TestResult.Section.output buffer to be cleared
6872537 Incorrect interview tree path creation in some cases
6873903 Allow using ReverseTestFinder with a custom created test finder delegate
6882498 JT harness should not ignore exceptions occurring during ToolManager#startTool(ip) invocation

Known Bugs in Release 4.2.1

This release of the JT harness contains the following known bugs:

Bug ID Description
Issue 09 Tree selection may change during execution
Issue 65 Right click doesn't work on Mac OS in Test Lists
6451875 Log Viewer: Impossible to mark log text when live scrolling mode is ON
6880733 Huge Status reason string corrupts harness

Usage Notes

Run JT Harness with Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 5.0 or later. Note that the search capability in the online help does not work correctly in Java SE 5.0_03 through Java SE 5.0_06.

Printing Pages from the Online Help and Test Reports

Because of the method the Java SE platform uses to render fonts, when you print a document from the harness user interface, the fonts in the printed documents are larger than they are when rendered on the screen.

The JT Harness User's Guide has been provided in PDF form for your use in printing pages from the documents. While the online help viewer supports printing operations, in some cases you may be unable to use it to print a specific page. If this occurs, use the PDF version of the appropriate User's Guide to print the page. Printing of non-HTML report types is not supported. Users are informed of this when they attempt to print a non-HTML report type. Support will be added for this in a future release.

Changing Status Colors in the GUI

JT Harness allows you to specify the status colors used in the GUI. See the online help for detailed information about changing the default status colors.

Agent Monitor Tool

The Agent Monitor tool may not apply to all test suites, even if the test suite uses an agent. See your test suite documentation for detailed information about the agent that it uses and its use of the Agent Monitor tool.