JT Harness Binary Distribution
Version 4.2

March 2009


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Run JT Harness
About This Release
Changes Since JT Harness, Version 3.2
Usage Notes


The JT harness is based on Sun Microsystems' JavaTest harness. The JT harness is a general purpose, fully-featured, flexible, and configurable test harness very well suited for most types of unit testing. Originally developed as a test harness to run TCK test suites, it has since evolved into a general purpose test platform.

The JT harness:

JT harness 4.2 is a milestone release. We encourage you to try JT harness, participate in the community, and contribute to further development.

This binary release contains a built version of the JT harness (lib/javatest.jar) and a tutorial that introduces you to the JT harness graphical user interface.


The JT harness binary distribution is laid out as follows:

Contains the licenses and Sun Microsystems copyrights that apply to this open source product.
Contains the JT harness binary javatest.jar, the JUnit binary jt-junit.jar, and support libraries.
Contains documentation that accompanies the JT harness product.

Contains the JT harness tutorial (tutorial.html)


The JT harness tutorial includes an HTML tutorial that uses an example API and testsuite to introduce you to the JT harness graphical user interface. Follow these steps to run the tutorial:
  1. Make examples/tutorial your current directory.
  2. Open tutorial.html in your web browser and follow the step-by-step directions.


The JT harness requires the technologies listed in the following table.
Technology Where to Get It Notes
JDK™ version 1.5 or later

Run JT Harness

Run the JT harness using the following command:

% java -jar javatest.jar

Note: Typically, a user executes JT harness in the context of a test suite. Read the tutorial documentation for instructions about how to execute JT harness with the tutorial example test suite.

About This Release

The JT Harness Version 4.2 adds features and fixes bugs.

New or Changed Features in Release 4.2

Defects Fixed in Release 4.2

This release of the harness contains fixes for the following defects:

Bug ID Description
6612976 Template Editor lacks a comment feature.
6719575 Missing ability to automatically start/stop services from harness.
6695334 Filtered Out tab needs "Copy" option in popup menu.
6715445 Since jdk7 b15 must be set for Windows platform.
4982281 JTI (JTM) files should properly store and load locale-sensitive values.
6356516 Test lists are updated incorrectly.
6390687 TestEnvironment.resolve breaks user-entered data if '#' is present.
6420603 'Refresh' after testpack installation sometimes causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
6423106 Test Manager doesn't restore the previous state when it opens.
6436281 Unable to save a new template file in a specified directory.
6451787 Executing tests with no configuration and only template should not be permitted.
6454272 Quick Start Wizard is not always applicable.
6497343 File >Preference >Test Manager >Configuration Editor setting doesn't work.
6549653 Refresh throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException trying to pick up new tree elements
6554712 Refresh in the test tree does not read all tests.
6557475 'Edit Template' menu item and shortcut exhibits inconsistent behavior.
6565161 Template is used as Configuration after 'Load Template'.
6570125 "Edit template" command can produce a confusing error message.
6653190 "Create Work Directory" dialog allows a non-existing parent folder for WD.
6730892 Template mixed-up with configuration after execution attempt.
6730895 NPE occurs after configuration creation.
6782770 "ClearResult" on a test doesn't refresh contents of the tabs (TestRunMessages, TestRunDetails, etcetera).
6789366 Attempt to edit ChoiceArrayQuestion in Interview causes NPE.

Known Problems in Release 4.2

This release of the harness contains the following known defects:

Bug ID Description
6725977 GUI might not update the test counters until after loading of workdir is complete.
6408803 Audit checksum check may fail unexpectedly.

Changes Since JT Harness, Version 3.2

The JT harness Version 4.1.1 release provided basic changes in the following areas:

Version 4.1.2 was a bug fix release.

Version 4.1.3 added support for test suites based on JUnit 3.8.x and 4.x and also addressed bug fixes.

Version 4.1.4 was a milestone release that addressed bug fixes.

Usage Notes

Run JT Harness with Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 5.0 or later. Note that the search capability in the online help does not work correctly after Java SE 5.0_03.

Printing Pages from the Online Help and Test Reports

Because of the method the Java SE platform uses to render fonts, when you print a document from the harness user interface, the fonts in the printed documents are larger than they are when rendered on the screen.

The JT Harness User's Guide has been provided in PDF form for your use in printing pages from the documents. While the online help viewer supports printing operations, in some cases you may be unable to use it to print a specific page. If this occurs, use the PDF version of the appropriate User's Guide to print the page. Printing of non-HTML report types is not supported. Users are informed of this when they attempt to print a non-HTML report type. Support will be added for this in a future release.

Changing Status Colors in the GUI

JT Harness allows you to specify the status colors used in the GUI. See the online help for detailed information about changing the default status colors.

Agent Monitor Tool

The Agent Monitor tool may not apply to all test suites, even if the test suite uses an agent. See your test suite documentation for detailed information about the agent that it uses and its use of the Agent Monitor tool.

Copyright © 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. The JT Harness project is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2)