JavaTM Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools Installation


System Requirements

Platform Requirements

The platform requirements for JAI Image I/O Tools are as follows:

Platform Requirement
All JavaTM 2 platform, v1.4.0 or later
Solaris Solaris operating environment 2.6 or later
Linux Red Hat 6.2 or subsequent compatible version
Windows Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP

JavaTM Advanced Imaging and JAI Image I/O Tools

JavaTM Advanced Imaging is not required for the image streams and reader-writer plug-ins to be used. It is of course required if the "ImageRead" and "ImageWrite" operations are to be used. In this case the minimum version is JAI 1.1.1_01.

Native Libraries

If use of native code is disallowed then the JPEG and PNG reader-writer plug-ins and some accelerations used for bilevel TIFF compression will not be available nor will the native implementation of the JPEG 2000 reader-writer plug-in; the JavaTM implementation of the JPEG 2000 plug-in will however be available. The respective plug-ins will detect that native libraries cannot be used and respond accordingly.

Download Instructions

Using your browser, download the appropriate bundles from the download page to the location where you want to temporarily store them.

Installation Instructions