Class J2KImageReadParam

  extended byjavax.imageio.IIOParam
      extended byjavax.imageio.ImageReadParam

public class J2KImageReadParam
extends ImageReadParam

A subclass of ImageReadParam for reading images in the JPEG 2000 format.

The decoding parameters for JPEG 2000 are listed below:

JPEG 2000 Plugin Decoding Parameters
Parameter Name Description
decodingRate Specifies the decoding rate in bits per pixel (bpp) where the number of pixels is related to the image's original size (Note: this parameter is not affected by resolution). The default is Double.MAX_VALUE. It means decoding with the encoding rate.
resolution Specifies the resolution level wanted for the decoded image (0 means the lowest available resolution, the resolution level gives an image with the original dimension). If the given index is greater than the number of available resolution levels of the compressed image, the decoded image has the lowest available resolution (among all tile-components). This parameter affects only the inverse wavelet transform and not the number of bytes read by the codestream parser, which depends only on decodingRate. The default value, -1, means to use the resolution level at encoding.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javax.imageio.ImageReadParam
canSetSourceRenderSize, destination, destinationBands, minProgressivePass, numProgressivePasses, sourceRenderSize
Fields inherited from class javax.imageio.IIOParam
controller, defaultController, destinationOffset, destinationType, sourceBands, sourceRegion, sourceXSubsampling, sourceYSubsampling, subsamplingXOffset, subsamplingYOffset
Constructor Summary
          Constructs a default instance of J2KImageReadParam.
Method Summary
 double getDecodingRate()
          Gets decodingRate.
 int getResolution()
          Gets resolution.
 void setDecodingRate(double rate)
          Sets decodingRate.
 void setResolution(int resolution)
          Sets resolution.
Methods inherited from class javax.imageio.ImageReadParam
canSetSourceRenderSize, getDestination, getDestinationBands, getSourceMaxProgressivePass, getSourceMinProgressivePass, getSourceNumProgressivePasses, getSourceRenderSize, setDestination, setDestinationBands, setDestinationType, setSourceProgressivePasses, setSourceRenderSize
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activateController, getController, getDefaultController, getDestinationOffset, getDestinationType, getSourceBands, getSourceRegion, getSourceXSubsampling, getSourceYSubsampling, getSubsamplingXOffset, getSubsamplingYOffset, hasController, setController, setDestinationOffset, setSourceBands, setSourceRegion, setSourceSubsampling
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Constructor Detail


public J2KImageReadParam()
Constructs a default instance of J2KImageReadParam.

Method Detail


public void setDecodingRate(double rate)
Sets decodingRate.

rate - the decoding rate in bits per pixel.
See Also:


public double getDecodingRate()
Gets decodingRate.

the decoding rate in bits per pixel.
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public void setResolution(int resolution)
Sets resolution.

resolution - the resolution level with 0 being the lowest available.
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public int getResolution()
Gets resolution.

the resolution level with 0 being the lowest available.
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