Interface JAIServerConfigurationSpi

public interface JAIServerConfigurationSpi

An interface definition to aid in the automatic loading of user-defined JAI based Remote Imaging server configuration logic.

All concrete classes that implement this interface can register by listing themselves in the "META-INF/services/" file that can be found in the classpath (this file is often contained in a jar file along with the class files). The file should contain a list of fully-qualified concrete provider-class names, one per line. Space and tab characters surrounding each name, as well as blank lines, are ignored. The comment character is '#' (0x23); on each line all characters following the first comment character are ignored. The file must be encoded in UTF-8.

If a particular concrete provider class is named in more than one configuration file, or is named in the same configuration file more than once, then the duplicates will be ignored. The configuration file naming a particular provider need not be in the same jar file or other distribution unit as the provider itself. The provider must be accessible from the same class loader that was initially queried to locate the configuration file; note that this is not necessarily the class loader that found the file.

All such concrete classes must have a zero-argument constructor so that they may be instantiated during lookup. The updateServer() method of all such registered classes will be called with the default instance of the JAI class. Note that this will take place after the JAI OperationRegistry has been initialized with the default JAI registry file (META-INF/, once all "META-INF/registryFile.jai"s found in the classpath are loaded and the updateRegistry method of each OperationRegistrySpi instance has been executed. There is no guarantee of the order in which the updateServer() method of each JAIServerConfigurationSpi instance will be invoked.

It is possible to provide arguments to a class implementing this interface (or any other Service Provider Interface) using the standard Java -D= mechanism on the command line when starting an application.

JAI 1.1
See Also:
JAIRMIDescriptor, OperationRegistry, OperationRegistry.writeExternal(, OperationRegistrySpi

Method Summary
 void updateServer(JAI jaiInstance)
          This method will be called for all registered "service-providers" of this interface just after the default JAI instance has been constructed.

Method Detail


public void updateServer(JAI jaiInstance)
This method will be called for all registered "service-providers" of this interface just after the default JAI instance has been constructed.