Class AttributedImage

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageJAI, PropertyChangeEmitter, PropertySource, RenderedImage, WritablePropertySource

public class AttributedImage
extends RenderedImageAdapter

A class which associates a PlanarImage with an attribute of unspecified type. The class is itself a PlanarImage equivalent to the one which it wraps.

JAI 1.1

Field Summary
protected  Object attribute
          The attribute associated with the image.
Fields inherited from class
Fields inherited from class
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Constructor Summary
AttributedImage(PlanarImage image, Object attribute)
          Constructs an AttributedImage.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object o)
          Tests for equality.
 Object getAttribute()
          Retrieves the attribute.
 PlanarImage getImage()
          Retrieves the wrapped image.
 void setAttribute(Object attribute)
          Stores the attribute.
 String toString()
          toString() method.
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Field Detail


protected Object attribute
The attribute associated with the image.

Constructor Detail


public AttributedImage(PlanarImage image,
                       Object attribute)
Constructs an AttributedImage. The attribute parameter may be null

IllegalArgumentException - if theImage is null.
Method Detail


public PlanarImage getImage()
Retrieves the wrapped image.


public void setAttribute(Object attribute)
Stores the attribute.


public Object getAttribute()
Retrieves the attribute.


public boolean equals(Object o)
Tests for equality. The parameter Object must be an AttributedImage the image and attribute of which are equal those of this object according to the equals() methods of the image and attribute of this image, respectively. Attributes are also considered equal if they are both null.


public String toString()
toString() method.

toString in class PlanarImage