Class OrderedDitherDescriptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
OperationDescriptor, RegistryElementDescriptor, Serializable

public class OrderedDitherDescriptor
extends OperationDescriptorImpl

An OperationDescriptor describing the "OrderedDither" operation.

The "OrderedDither" operation performs color quantization by finding the nearest color to each pixel in a supplied color cube and "shifting" the resulting index value by a pseudo-random amount determined by the values of a supplied dither mask.

The dither mask is supplied as an array of KernelJAI objects the length of which must equal the number of bands in the image. Each element of the array is a KernelJAI object which represents the dither mask matrix for the corresponding band. All KernelJAI objects in the array must have the same dimensions and contain floating point values greater than or equal to 0.0 and less than or equal to 1.0.

For all integral data types, the source image samples are presumed to occupy the full range of the respective types. For floating point data types it is assumed that the data samples have been scaled to the range [0.0, 1.0].

Resource List
Name Value
GlobalName OrderedDither
LocalName OrderedDither
Description Performs ordered dither color quantization using a specified color cube and dither mask.
Version 1.0
arg0Desc The color cube.
arg1Desc The dither mask.

Parameter List
Name Class Type Default Value
colorMap ColorCube.BYTE_496
ditherMask[] KernelJAI.DITHER_MASK_443

See Also:
KernelJAI, ColorCube, OperationDescriptor, Serialized Form

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static RenderedOp create(RenderedImage source0, ColorCube colorMap, KernelJAI[] ditherMask, RenderingHints hints)
          Performs ordered dither color quantization using a specified color cube and dither mask.
 boolean validateArguments(String modeName, ParameterBlock args, StringBuffer msg)
          Validates the input source and parameters.
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Constructor Detail


public OrderedDitherDescriptor()

Method Detail


public boolean validateArguments(String modeName,
                                 ParameterBlock args,
                                 StringBuffer msg)
Validates the input source and parameters.

In addition to the standard checks performed by the superclass method, this method checks that "colorMap" and "ditherMask" are valid for the given source image.

Specified by:
validateArguments in interface OperationDescriptor
validateArguments in class OperationDescriptorImpl
modeName - the operation mode name
args - Input arguments, including source(s) and/or parameter(s).
msg - A string that may contain error messages.
See Also:
OperationDescriptorImpl.validateSources(java.lang.String, java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock, java.lang.StringBuffer), OperationDescriptorImpl.validateParameters(java.lang.String, java.awt.image.renderable.ParameterBlock, java.lang.StringBuffer)


public static RenderedOp create(RenderedImage source0,
                                ColorCube colorMap,
                                KernelJAI[] ditherMask,
                                RenderingHints hints)
Performs ordered dither color quantization using a specified color cube and dither mask.

Creates a ParameterBlockJAI from all supplied arguments except hints and invokes JAI.create(String,ParameterBlock,RenderingHints).

source0 - RenderedImage source 0.
colorMap - The color cube. May be null.
ditherMask - The dither mask. May be null.
hints - The RenderingHints to use. May be null.
The RenderedOp destination.
IllegalArgumentException - if source0 is null.
See Also:
JAI, ParameterBlockJAI, RenderedOp