Package com.sun.j3d.utils.behaviors.sensor

Provides 6DOF sensor behavior classes.


Interface Summary
SensorButtonListener This defines the interface for handling a sensor's button events in conjunction with a SensorEventAgent instance.
SensorReadListener This defines the interface for handling a sensor's read events in conjuction with a SensorEventAgent instance.

Class Summary
Mouse6DPointerBehavior This class provides basic behavior for a 6DOF mouse sensor.
SensorBeamEcho A Shape3D representing a beam pointing from the origin of a sensor's local coordinate system to its hotspot.
SensorEvent This class defines the event object that is created by a SensorEventAgent and passed to registered SensorReadListener and SensorButtonListener implementations.
SensorEventAgent This class works in conjunction with the SensorButtonListener and SensorReadListener interfaces to support an event-driven model of sensor interaction.
SensorGnomonEcho A Shape3D representing a gnomon pointing along each coordinate axis.
SensorInputAdaptor The adaptor which receives sensor button and read events.

Package com.sun.j3d.utils.behaviors.sensor Description

Provides 6DOF sensor behavior classes.

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