Class WakeupOnBehaviorPost

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public final class WakeupOnBehaviorPost
extends WakeupCriterion

Class that specifies a Behavior wakeup when a specific behavior object posts a specific event

Constructor Summary
WakeupOnBehaviorPost(Behavior behavior, int postId)
          Constructs a new WakeupOnBehaviorPost criterion.
Method Summary
 Behavior getBehavior()
          Returns the behavior specified in this object's constructor.
 int getPostId()
          Retrieve the WakeupCriterion's specified postId
 Behavior getTriggeringBehavior()
          Returns the behavior that triggered this wakeup.
 int getTriggeringPostId()
          Returns the postId that caused the behavior to wakeup.
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Constructor Detail


public WakeupOnBehaviorPost(Behavior behavior,
                            int postId)
Constructs a new WakeupOnBehaviorPost criterion. A behavior of null specifies a wakeup from any behavior on the specified postId. A postId of 0 specifies a wakeup on any postId from the specified behavior. A behavior of null AND a postId of 0 specify a wakeup on any postId from any behavior.

behavior - the behavior that must be the source of the post, if behavior == null, then any behavior posting the postId will cause the wakeup.
postId - the postId that will trigger a wakeup if posted by the specified behavior, if postId == 0, then any post by the specified behavior will cause the wakeup.
Method Detail


public int getPostId()
Retrieve the WakeupCriterion's specified postId

the post id specified in this object's construction.


public Behavior getBehavior()
Returns the behavior specified in this object's constructor.

the arming behavior


public int getTriggeringPostId()
Returns the postId that caused the behavior to wakeup. If the postId used to construct this wakeup criterion was not zero, then the triggering postId will always be equal to the postId used in the constructor.


public Behavior getTriggeringBehavior()
Returns the behavior that triggered this wakeup. If the arming behavior used to construct this object was not null, then the triggering behavior will be the same as the arming behavior.

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