Running tests

This page explains the steps used to obtain test results displayed in the results page.

1. Setup

1. Bring over tests included in OpenJDK
$ hg clone jdk7local
$ cd jdk7local
$ sh

2. Install JDK 7 UR Early Access bundle. Download it from

3. Build jtreg harness. Instruction is at


2. Running tests

The tests present in jdk/test, langtools/test and hotspot/test need to be run separately for now. While jtreg manual explains differnt way to run the tests, here is one example to show how the tests were run to produce the results.

2.1 Running tests in jdk/test
$ jtreg -dir:{openjdk source top directory}/jdk/test -verbose:summary -exclude:{openjdk source top directory}/jdk/test/ProblemList.txt -conc:auto -a -ignore:quiet -timeoutFactor:5 -agentvm -testjdk:{location of the test jdk} `cat dir.list`

2.2 Running tests in langtools/test
$ jtreg -dir:{openjdk source top directory}/langtools/test -verbose:summary -conc:auto -a -ignore:quiet -timeoutFactor:5 -agentvm -testjdk:{location of the test jdk} com tools

2.3 Running tests in hotspot/test
$ jtreg -dir:{openjdk source top directory}/hotspot/test -verbose:summary -conc:auto -a -ignore:quiet -timeoutFactor:5 -agentvm -testjdk:{location of the test jdk} compiler gc runtime sanity serviceability