Known Issues

Note: value in the "Not Run**" column does not match the value under "not run:" in the Diff text file.

Recommendations for executing awt, swing and 2d tests (applicable only for windows platform):
  • Execute tests on physical machines locally.
  • Set regedit HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\ForegroundLockTimeout=0 and reboot the machine.
  • Keep the machine unlocked and screen saver disabled while executing the tests.

  • There are some known test case failures.

    1. The following five tests will fail if a printer is not attached to the test machine.

  • javax/print/ There should be no duplicates returned by getSupportedDocFlavors.
  • javax/print/attribute/ Tests conflict of Media values returned by isAttrValueSupported and getSupportedAttrValues.
  • javax/print/attribute/ No ClassCastException should occur.
  • javax/print/attribute/ No crash should occur.
  • javax/print/attribute/ Tests that get non-null return list of printable areas.

  • 2. The following seven tests will fail as the current EA bundles do not contain jdk demos.

  • demo/jvmti/gctest/ Test jvmti demo gctest
  • demo/jvmti/heapTracker/ Test jvmti demo heapTracker
  • demo/jvmti/heapViewer/ Test jvmti demo heapViewer
  • demo/jvmti/minst/ Test jvmti demo minst
  • demo/jvmti/mtrace/ Test jvmti demo mtrace
  • demo/jvmti/versionCheck/ Test jvmti demo versionCheck
  • demo/jvmti/waiters/ Test jvmti demo waiters

  • 3. The following tests fail in agentvm mode.

  • com/sun/java/swing/plaf/windows/8016551/