Package com.sun.labs.minion.retrieval

Provides the query evaluation capabilities for Minion.


Interface Summary
WeightingFunction An interface for a term weighting function that can be used during retrieval, classification, and profiling operations.

Class Summary
ArrayGroup A container for the sets of arrays that are generated during document retrieval operations.
CollectionStats A container for collection level statistics that are coelesced out of the statistics associated with a number of partitons.
CompositeDocumentVectorImpl An implementation of document vector that provides for a composite document vector, that is, a document vector made by taking a linear combination of more than one vectored field.
DictTerm A concrete subclass of QueryTerm that represents a term taken from one of the main dictionaries for a partition.
DocumentVectorImpl A class that holds a weighted document vector for a given document from a given partition.
FieldEvaluator A class that can be used to evaluate a simple parametric query against a single saved field, like x = 7 or name = foo or 7 < x < 25.
FieldTerm A class to hold a term generated by a single parametric field operator.
HighlightStage A pipeline stage that can be used to collect tokens from a defined set of fields that can be used for passage and field highlighting.
If A class implementing the if query operator.
MultiDictTerm MultiDictTerm provides the implementation of the TOR operator.
MultiDocumentVectorImpl An implementation of a document vector that combines the vectors for a number of documents into a single document.
NameTerm A term for a query that is a simple name.
Near A class for the NEAR operator.
NegativeGroup A subclass of ArrayGroup that is used to represent negative results sets.
Okapi A class implementing the Okapi term weighting function.
PAnd A class implementing the <pand> operator, which does our passage retrieval algorithm on documents that contain all of the query terms.
Passage A class implementing the <passage> operator.
PassageStore A class to store the passages for a single field while doing proximity queries or passage highlighting.
Phrase A class that implements the <phrase> operator.
Proximity An abstract class for all proximity operators.
QueryElement An abstract base class for all of the term and operator classes that take part in the evaluation of a query.
QueryOptimizer The QueryOptimizer steps through a query, looking for changes that can be made to optimize the evaluation of the query.
QueryTerm A class that holds a single term during querying.
ResultSetImpl An implementation of the results set interface.
ScoredGroup A scored array group is one for which the documents have scores associated with them.
ScoredQuickOr A class that will allow us to quickly or together a number of terms.
SortSpec A class to contain a sorting specification for a results set.
TermOrderer Compares dictionary terms based on their query order.
TermStatsImpl A class that holds collection-wide statistics for a term.
TFIDF An implementation of the standard tfidf weighting function.
TFIDFCount A subclass of TFIDF that uses simple term frequencies rather than log term frequencies when calculating term weights.
UnaryOperator A base class for all unary operators.
Undefined An operator that takes a single saved field name as an operand and then returns the documents that have no defined values for that field.
WeightingComponents A class that will hold all of the components necessary to implement any number of weighting functions.
Within The WITHIN query operator.

Package com.sun.labs.minion.retrieval Description

Provides the query evaluation capabilities for Minion.

This package provides the internal representations of the query operators used to evaulate queries such as PAnd, Not, and Weight, as well as some classes closely related to them such as those that perform weighting and the classes that hold groups of results such as ArrayGroup and ScoredGroup.

Sub-packages of this package contain other pieces of the retrieval system such as the various parsers and the classes that translate parsed queries into the above query operator objects.