Class StreamPrintServiceFactory


public abstract class StreamPrintServiceFactory extends Object
A StreamPrintServiceFactory is the factory for StreamPrintService instances, which can print to an output stream in a particular document format described as a mime type. A typical output document format may be Postscript(TM).

This class is implemented by a service and located by the implementation using the ServiceLoader facility.

Applications locate instances of this class by calling the lookupStreamPrintServiceFactories(DocFlavor, String) method.

Applications can use a StreamPrintService obtained from a factory in place of a PrintService which represents a physical printer device.

  • Constructor Details

    • StreamPrintServiceFactory

      protected StreamPrintServiceFactory()
      Constructor for subclasses to call.
  • Method Details

    • lookupStreamPrintServiceFactories

      public static StreamPrintServiceFactory[] lookupStreamPrintServiceFactories(DocFlavor flavor, String outputMimeType)
      Locates factories for print services that can be used with a print job to output a stream of data in the format specified by outputMimeType.

      The outputMimeType parameter describes the document type that you want to create, whereas the flavor parameter describes the format in which the input data will be provided by the application to the StreamPrintService.

      Although null is an acceptable value to use in the lookup of stream printing services, it's typical to search for a particular desired format, such as Postscript(TM).

      flavor - of the input document type - null means match all types
      outputMimeType - representing the required output format, used to identify suitable stream printer factories. A value of null means match all formats.
      matching factories for stream print service instance, empty if no suitable factories could be located
    • getOutputFormat

      public abstract String getOutputFormat()
      Queries the factory for the document format that is emitted by printers obtained from this factory.
      the output format described as a mime type
    • getSupportedDocFlavors

      public abstract DocFlavor[] getSupportedDocFlavors()
      Queries the factory for the document flavors that can be accepted by printers obtained from this factory.
      array of supported doc flavors
    • getPrintService

      public abstract StreamPrintService getPrintService(OutputStream out)
      Returns a StreamPrintService that can print to the specified output stream. The output stream is created and managed by the application. It is the application's responsibility to close the stream and to ensure that this Printer is not reused. The application should not close this stream until any print job created from the printer is complete. Doing so earlier may generate a PrinterException and an event indicating that the job failed.

      Whereas a PrintService connected to a physical printer can be reused, a StreamPrintService connected to a stream cannot. The underlying StreamPrintService may be disposed by the print system with the dispose method before returning from the print method of DocPrintJob so that the print system knows this printer is no longer usable. This is equivalent to a physical printer going offline - permanently. Applications may supply a null print stream to create a queryable service. It is not valid to create a PrintJob for such a stream. Implementations which allocate resources on construction should examine the stream and may wish to only allocate resources if the stream is non-null.

      out - destination stream for generated output
      a PrintService which will generate the format specified by the DocFlavor supported by this factory