Interface Summary
Communication Represents a communication.
CommunicationContext<C extends Communication,P extends Participant,M extends Message> Represents the context related to a particular Communication Event.
CommunicationService An utility class to create objects that are not related to a CommunicationSession, for example groups.
CommunicationSession Instance of a CommunicationSession object.
Conference Represents a Conference.
Conversation Represents a two party call.
DtmfSignal Represents the a DTMF Signal.
Group This entity is responsible for actions on a user specific group that is stored on a RLS server.
IMConversation Represents a two party IM conversation.
MediaParticipant Represents a MediaParticipant.
Message Message represents the actual information passed between parties involved in the communication.
MessageIndication Represents the Message Indication (like typing) in a chat between participants.
MSRPConference A communication object that represents a session-mode instant messaging or chat session among multiple participants.
MSRPConversation A communication object that represents the session-mode instant messaging or chat session among two participants.
MSRPPlayer A participant that is used to send large files from CAFE to the other participants in a MSRP communication.
MSRPRecorder A participant that is used to save the large file and/or to record the message history in a MSRP communication.
Participant Represents a participant in the conversation.
Player Represents a Player object.
PresenceMessage The SubscriptionNotifyMessage represents the actual information received as result of initiating a PresenceWatcher.
PresenceSource This entity is responsible for publishing presence information on behalf of a presentity.
PresenceWatcher The Presence Watcher is an entity that requests presence information about a list of presentities (i.e.
ProtocolMessage Represents the ProtocolMessage (actual SIP Message).
ProxyAuthentication ProxyAuthentication is used in authentication and authorization procedures that take place between the application and the network.
Recorder Represents a Recorder object.
Registration This entity is responsible for registering a user to a remote endpoint.
TextMessage Represents the TextMessage in an IMConversation between participants.
UserParticipant Represents a user participant in the communication.
UserProcedure Represents a user procedure, in which a user starts an action or discloses information to the network or to a server, with a limited validity period.
WatcherInfoMessage The WatcherInfoSubscriberNotifyMessage represents the actual information received as result of initiating a PresenceWatcher.
WatcherInfoSubscriber The Presence WatcherInfo Subscriber is an entity that subscribes to the dynamically changing set of presence watchers.

Class Summary
Agent<T> Agent objects encapsulate application logic related to a Communication artifact like Communication, Participant etc.
MessageRecipient Represents MessageRecipient specified in the resource-list of a message.

Enum Summary
Communication.State Different Communication States.
MessageIndication.State The State in the MessageIndication.
MessageRecipient.CopyControl Represents various CopyControl options for a MessageRecipient.
Reason Reason for rejecting a participant.
RuleSetType Indicates the type of rule set.

Exception Summary
CommunicationException Base exception class for handling failures in the communication.

Annotation Types Summary
Context Context annotation.

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