Interface HLPipeline

All Superinterfaces:
PassageBuilder, Pipeline
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface HLPipeline
extends PassageBuilder, Pipeline

A pipeline that can be used for highlighting documents.

Method Summary
 void reset(ArrayGroup ag, int doc, java.lang.String[] qt)
          Sets up for processing a new document.
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.labs.minion.PassageBuilder
addPassageField, addPassageField, getPassages, getPassages, getPassages
Methods inherited from interface com.sun.labs.minion.Pipeline
dump, flush, getHead, index, purge, shutdown

Method Detail


void reset(ArrayGroup ag,
           int doc,
           java.lang.String[] qt)
Sets up for processing a new document.

ag - the raw query results
doc - the ID of the document that we want to highlight
qt - the query terms that we'll highlight