Package com.sun.labs.minion

Provides the API for interacting with the Minion Search Engine.


Interface Summary
Classifier This interface represents the classification features of the search engine.
ClusterStatistics An interface for getting a number of statistics relating to a cluster of documents.
CustomAnalyzer The interface used to provide a custom analzyer for text that will be indexed.
Document A document abstraction for the search engine.
DocumentVector An interface defining the behavior of document vectors.
HLPipeline A pipeline that can be used for highlighting documents.
Indexable An interface that should be implemented by things that are indexable.
IndexListener An interface that clients can implement to be notified when things happen in an index.
MetaDataStore The MetaDataStore provides a mechanism to store name/value pairs in associate with an index.
Passage An interface for a class that holds the information for a passage generated from a search.
PassageBuilder An interface that will allow applications to build a set of passages to display from a search result.
PassageHighlighter An interface for providing call back functions when doing passage highlighting.
Pipeline A class that encapsulates the machinery of a single indexing pipeline.
PipelineStage The interface to a stage in the indexing pipeline.
Progress An interface for tracking progress
Result A class that holds a single search result.
ResultAccessor An interface for accessing the values associated with a search result that is being considered for inclusion in a list of results returned to a user.
ResultsCluster A cluster of results from a search engine.
ResultSet A class that holds the results of a search.
ResultsFilter A filter for results that can be applied against a result set when retrieving results for display.
ScoreModifier An interface for clases that would like the opportunity to modify document scores at the time that they are being considered for inclusion into a set of results returned from the search engine.
SearchEngine This is the main interface for the search engine, which handles both indexing and retrieval operations.
Searcher An interface for things that know how to run a search.
SimpleIndexer An interface that allows one fairly straightforward access to the indexing API.
TermStats An interface to some standard term statistics.

Class Summary
CompositeResultsFilter A class that composes a number of individual results filter.
FieldFrequency A class that encapsulates a field value and a frequency for that value.
FieldInfo A class that can be used to tell the indexer what to do with the data contained in a field.
FieldMultiplier Inner class to encapsulate a field multiplier so it can be used by the configuration management mechanism.
FieldValue A class containing a single field value and an associated score.
IndexableFile An extension of File that stores the encoding used for the file.
IndexableMap Provides a combination of a document key and a map of field value pairs.
IndexableString A class that holds a string along with some information about any markup used in the string.
IndexConfig A class that holds configuration data for indexing documents.
Log Deprecated.
Posting A single posting from a document, composed of a term and the frequency of that term in the document.
QueryConfig A class that holds configuration data for querying.
QueryStats A class to hold statistics generated during a single or many queries.
SearchEngineFactory This is a factory class that can be used to get a search engine instance.
SimpleHighlighter A simple tag-based passage highlighter.
TextHighlighter A simple class for doing textual highlighting of a passage.
WeightedField A class that contains the name of a field and a weight that should be applied to the similarity values for that field when finding documents similar to a given document.

Enum Summary
FieldInfo.Attribute The various attributes that a field can have.
FieldInfo.Type The types that a saved field can have.
Passage.Type The types of passage that we will return.

Exception Summary
QueryException An exception that can be thrown when a query built using the programmatic query API contains errors.

Package com.sun.labs.minion Description

Provides the API for interacting with the Minion Search Engine.

This package includes all the core classes and interfaces that are used to interact with the Minion Search Engine. The key classes to be aware of are the SearchEngineFactory, SearchEngine, and as an alternative the SimpleIndexer. The SearchEngine provides the basic capabilities of indexing and retrieval with the help of a few data wrapper classes. These include ways of feeding data into Minion such as the IndexableFile and the IndexableMap, and the classes used to view results from searches within Minion such as ResultSet and Result. SimpleIndexer provides an interface that is easy to get started with for feeding data into the engine. Classes are also provided to aid in performing highlighting of results, and to allow a simple property-based meta data store internal to the index among others.